OctoPi Firmware Updater Path to avrdude doesn't exist

avrdude Firmware Updater OctoPi

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Hi I am getting an error using OctoPi Firmware Updater Plugin. For /usr/bin/avrdude it says The path doesn't exist.
How can I solve this?

command prompt 101. did you set up ssh, so you can use "putty" to connect to the pi? That's Step 1. An option in the 'raspi-config' tool. run from Pi connected to video. Then you can dig around as these guys said.

at the command prompt type...

which avrdude

and its path (if you have it installed) will be revealed. Copy that path and paste it back in to Octoprint.

Make sure avrdude is installed.

What do you mean by this?

Open a terminal and run 'sudo apt-get install avrdude'.

Did the trick :)


Other Linux bin folders are

Make sure there is no space before /usr/
Failing that cd into there and make sure avrdude exists