Need Help With No Audio From 3.5mm Jack

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I have asked this question over on the Raspberry Pi forums as well as the Raspberry Pi reddit, with no one offering me any help whatsoever. Thought I'd give this group a shot...

I have a Kano computer kit utilizing a Raspberry Pi 3b. I put Raspbian Buster on an SD card and setup everything up. No matter what I do, I cannot get audio output on the 3.5mm jack with one exception. I have tried forcing Analog Audio using raspi-config , right-clicking on the volume control and through amixer. Audio out through the HDMI interface works fine. I can get audio output through the 3.5mm jack if I force omxplayer using "-o local" but no other program will use the audio jack including VLC or system sounds and the volume control has no effect when I run it that way - even if I right-click and switch to HDMI and back. I have read that PulseAudio might be an issue, and I did try to uninstall that with no difference, but I need that installed anyway for the program I need to run - SilverJuke. I have also noticed that when I run raspi-config, the audio setting doesn't seem to be sticking - i.e. it always defaults to the default setting each time I enter that menu, whereas the other settings seem to stay where I put them. I am out of ideas if anyone could offer some advice/help....

try plugging the aux into the monitor headphone jack, if applicable

I finally wiped the SD card and started fresh. It worked, so.... Thank you for the reply, though.

I personally can offer zero assistance whatsoever, except in offering another potential source of info / assistance - have you tried


I appreciate that. Since I wasn't getting any help from the usual sources, I decided to load another SD card with a fresh install of Raspbian and see what broke it, testing each step as I went along. So, I ran raspi-config and forced audio jack output. Good. Rebooted and installed pulseaudio. Still good. Rebooted and installed gstreamer. Still good. Installed Silverjuke. Still good... So I have no idea what broke the initial install except maybe that I did things in a different order? I think I installed silverjuke, then gstreamer, then pulseaudio and finally tried to force audio output? But why the order would matter.. I don't know. All I know is it's working now... but thank you again for that link. I will keep it in case I ever need any help with another problem :)

You're not resetting the pi by pulling the power without shutting it down are you?

Naw... this thing has got a physical on/off switch but I always go through either the GUI shutdown/reboot menu or issue a 'shutdown -[r|h] now' command.

Why not script your button with the GPIO library?

If memory serves, this group requires a minimum length of text to avoid spam bots flagging my links suddenly and violently.
Here we GO!
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that should do.

lol... Yeah, I've seen that and I've threatened to do just that on a Libre SBC that I'm running as a file server, but in this case, it's a GUI jukebox, so just powering down that way is no big deal. If it were a headless system though, yeah... definitely a power switch. I don't know why that isn't standard on the Pis out of the box...