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Hi!, i am going to be selling raspberry pi pc's!, they cost 200 dollars to make, How much do you think i should sell them for?

here is a pic

here is the instrucktable-https://www.instructables.com/Desktop-Pi-Hardware-Assembly/

this is not my design and do not plan on selling it until i have permission , i was just wondering what a reasonable cost would be if i do get the green light, and if people actually want it, it is really just people paying to have me print out the enclosure, and order the parts, and assemble the thing, and then finish it with spray-paints and sandpaper.

sorry if i seemed like i was trying to steal credits for it.

(update): i got permision from designer and am now able to sell.

This is really cool! Upon looking at the design, I didn't realize that you're able to attach a ssd to an rpi.

For anyone to objectively answer that, one would need to know specs and details.

there edited it, it was just a rough draft that got published by acident