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by ZeBobs

Hello everybody!

Just found out about this groups existence. I am a big fan of sailing and making things at home (3d printing is included), so I wanted to combine both of them and build a homemade RC Volvo ocean 65 yacht, which I have already made the shape of the hull for ( http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2870750 ). Problem is- I am a complete newbie when it comes to RC electronics.

question is- if I want to make a ~ 60cm long model that has

  • one combined or two synchronized winches for the sails
  • ruder
  • canting keel

what complete set of electronics would you recommend? (the cheaper- the better)

The RC winches are quite expensive, and I have seen people removing potentiometers from servos in order to achieve continuous rotation. Is this a good solution?

Any help will be greatly appreciated

Volvo Ocean 65 hull
by ZeBobs
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rc sail boat design

by ofirneger

hii guys,
i love sailing and 3d printing and i was thinking to design a 3d printed rc sail boat.
i want to know from you if you have any tips, advice's or any info that can help me.
thank you!

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