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Soapbox Racing

by cheffeundwackl

Hy everybody, normy i build soapboxes. i make it with carbon, we drive world campionchip.
see https://josef-schimanko.jimdofree.com/

after soap box nr. 11, my wife forbade me to build more soap boxes (too much dust. . . )

now I have just 2 models as soap boxes built in scale 1:5, fully functional. Have fun building also

My children have grown out of the age of the soapbox sport. It was a beautiful time. I can only recommend it to everyone. more infomation:

Model Nr. 1

Model Nr. 2

Remember that's a soapbox, no motor, just steering wheel and breaks

Junior Seifenkiste nach DSKD Norm. Maßstab 1:5 // Soapbox soap box derby
Seifenkiste Seniorklasse, DSKD Norm Maßstab 1:5
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Hover slide thing RC

by 3DLeeds


that came out when I looked into my RC parts collection and wanted to build something to race with.
The little thing is amazingly a lot of fun to race and drift. Lets make it and race against each other!!! ;)

have fun building


Hover slide thing RC
by 3DLeeds
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My Mini RC Boat

by mtb_3d

Hey, I created my own Mini RC Boat that can be constructed from a cheap, rc helicopter. I haven't seen much like it here, so let me know what you people think!
Here's the link: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4271071.
For a detailed explanation, check out my website: https://www.mattiatbutera.com or my instagram @mtb_3d

Mini RC Boat
by mtb_3d
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hobby type

by monopriceman

Hello all i am having issues deciding which section of rc i should try ex: drones, planes, trucks, tanks and boats. What i am looking for is why one is better than the other and etc....
I know this isn't 3d printing related but i know no other place to go.

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wpl truck

by monopriceman

Hey im looking at buying some wpl truck and modding it. I like the b-24 but am open to other choices my questions are does anyone have a recommended truck and are there any cool mods for it.

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