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Just got my printer and have a camper has lots of things planned just getting used to tinker cad and printer getting there slowly. Working on the outside and cab when i move into the back ill be designing lots of new useful makes and ill be shore to post them in this group ok.

Its really neat that we can look at a problem, sit down, design a fix, print it in so little time. I have printed several things from here for my trailer. Command style hooks, a knife holder and the 7pin trailer cap, just to name a few.

I use tinkercad as well, it has some limits but i find it fits my needs. I keep forgetting to post more of my designs. Post up what you designed or had a chance to make and have fun.

Welcome to the RV group. I am always surprised at how useful a 3D printer is to have when a person owns an RV. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.