Motorhome Update

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So its been sometime since my last post but ive been on holiday touring and busy printing designing and making things work. I purchased a cr10 s4 for the bigger stuff and with the ender 3 ime slowly getting there.

All the tiles are 3d printed speaker boxes pots ect are all 3d printed. Designed to stay put when you drive.

What do you all thing of the progress so far will post some better pics as it starts to come together but very happy with the look so far.

Added some new pics its really coming together now looking nice. Printing the internal roof vent and flowers 400 mm x 400 mm to put on ceiling this printing takes a age to print maybe next year ill be finnished and maybe if i stoped going away in the van i would get more done.

Excelent stuff. I'm in the process of printing a lot of stuff for my RV. I'm still building and designing but I'll post the things I've made so far. Although it's all still in the making. But then again a maker is always still in the making.

Check em out in my profile.

awesome collection you have there well done sir

That's awesome! I have to get all my RV updates posted. I print in bold colors intentionally to show what is possible with a 3D printer.

Thank you Sir. Ime shortly moving onto the cupboard doors along the top of the motorhome after ive finished printing the draw carcass that are currently taking 48 hours each and there are 3 of them to print. Thats without the draws and fronts.
I also enjoy printing in bright colours and making the motorhome user friendly and different not just the drab white or cream like most. My van is 20 yrs old but is more usable than most and no rust. 2.5 d 80hp she dont like the hills at all thinking of adding a turbo to the s8ku engine its completely old school diesel and runs like a tank starts every time anytime. Threw in a couple of pics on what ime printing now will update when there fitted into the van. As i say if you want it badly enough you have to wait for it to print but that way you get what you want and its personal to. Phone is messing about will add the pics shortly.

The magenta and blue look great together! Once again, you have proven a 3D printer is an invaluable asset to any RV owner. Nice job!

BTW, image 1 and 3 are the same pics. Please post the mysterious #4, LOL.

Sorry about the pics will update soon