Right Fan not starting - Extruder heats up

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What can I do to figure out why the right cooling fan is not turning on?

I'm having the same issue but a new fan didn't work. And the left fan turns on as soon as the printer is turned on and its super fast. 2234 hours on this printer with a 90% success rate, this is the first issue I have had with this printer. Thanks you all for your time and have a great day.

Make sure the fans you get are 24 volt ones.

its was a replacement fan from makerbot. The crazy thing is the left fan turns on and spins up faster then normal as soon as the printer turns on. I smelled magic smoke when it first happened. I want to find a new mightyboard but they are hard to find. Does anyone know if you can upgrade to a new board?

Possible blown mosfet...

Filament fiber got caught up in the fan axis and caused it to not work. Replaced the fan, working good again.

Both are connected. I will purchase new backup fans. Any suggestions on a good source?

first check the connections