Welcome Replicator 2X Operators!

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I've created this group to collect all the tips and tricks of Replicator 2X operators, hackers, and modders.

Post your best Rep2X tweaks, post the things you wished were available when you got your bot!

Hi guys I Love my Rep 2X

I have over 1700 hours and am in the middleof a complete head replacement, it took a while to get the right parts from Makercare but I got them and cant wait to get printing. I work with a larger selection of 3D printers at work where we have a Fortus 250 MC an Object 30 a Zcorp 650 and a makerbot 2X as well.

I take my 2X to schools and makerfaires all over Portland Oregon. Also do Meetups (meetup.com) with the POrtland 3D Printing Lab.

I have also worked on huge group projects which are really fun but stressful. the canal house project and the #crowdcow.

Check out my website PDXDDD.com
and my Office website Rapidmade.com

I'm joining this group for my mom, we use a public printer and there are two of them.

HI I was wondering what type of access you have to the 3D printer? do you know what types of 3d printers do they have?

Jonathan's mom says: The New Canaan Library in CT has a Makerbot Replicator 2X, a Makerbot 5th Generation, and a Makerbot Replicator Mini.

Glad to see a Replicator 2x group

Hi! I´m Fran, From Spain, Glad to join this group!

Hi fran love the monical and Mustache I Mustace you a question!!! did you design the Monical and Mustache?

Good to see a new group. Thank you for the setup. I look forward to participating. :)