Settings for Hatchbox ABS

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I know the 2X is made for ABS, but I need some help. I'm in my first year of teaching Engineering Technology and am trying to get the 2X that the school bought last year printing efficiently. They teacher before me was put off by the new technology. I've tried adjusting settings for Hatchbox ABS, and I haven't had great luck with a good finished print. Right now, I'm using 240c for extruder, 110c for bed, and 70 mm/s for print speed. I've read about adjusting the fan speed, but was wondering what the best settings are for when it comes to Hatchbox ABS.

I have a 2X that I print with PLA all the time and ABS. You don't need to use ABS all the time because it smells horrible and warps a lot - even with a heated bed. The 2X can print Hatchbox PLA very reliably and I mainly use PLA with it even though Makerbot says its only an ABS machine.

Settings for ABS for me are: 1) Kapton tape on the bed, 2) Aquanet Super Hold hairspray on the kapton tape, 3) Heat bed to 110C, 4) Hatchbox ABS at 220 - 230. Print speed IMHO is way to high. I never go above 60 and for fine outer shell, I lower to 35 - 20mm/s.

For PLA: 193 - 205 on Aquanet on Blue Painter's Tape. No additional cooling needed. I do leave the door open for added ventilation and ambient temperature in the room of around 74.

For the 2X, if you are doing dual color prints, you will need to run the calibration and plug in the offsets into the firmware. Once you do this, the 2X can generate very nice dual extrusion prints. You will also need to ensure both heads are leveled. You can print this tool: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1735342 and use a digital caliper to confirm both heads are at the same height. Level and you will get awesome prints out of this machine.

Replicator 2x Nozzle Alignment Jig

I just stumbled across this post -- I am receiving a Replicator 2X in a couple of days and want to try out Hatchbox PLA. When you print PLA on your 2X, do you leave the heated bed off? I've heard a lot about how the MakerBots struggle with PLA because it gets too hot, and want to take any precautions to prevent issues if I can. Thanks!!

I print the PLA on the 2X with no extra cooling nozzle. I leave the front lid / door open though. My print temp for Hatchbox PLA is 193C, although there is some temp difference depending upon the color you use. For small prints where warping is not a concern - I leave the bed OFF. For large prints, I turn it on to 30C and works great. I also use bluetape on the build plate with Aqua Net Extra Superhold hairspray - that stuff is magnificent. Adhesion is never a problem. For build removal, I have a plastic scraper and the models just pop off.

I don't know why others are complaining about the 2X not being able to print PLA. I do it all the time and almost never print with ABS because it does warp and smells horrible. As for durability, I have used Tactink Tough PLA from Amazon (same price range as Hatchbox) and printed electric skateboard hubs of which I've ridden for over 200 miles. No wear. Looks almost as good as when I printed it except for road grime. Good luck. Enjoy the 2X - it is a great machine.

Thank you for the info -- I just got my printer yesterday and tried ABS and it printed correctly right away. I also just received a spool of green Hatchbox PLA this morning and tried it out with your settings and it worked great!! Awesome quality, great adhesion, couldn't be happier. Thanks so much again for your help! :)

Thank you for the info. I made some adjustments and got 3 successful prints yesterday.