Extruder not Pulling Filament

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My lab has an dual extruder 2x but neither one will pull filament. I've taken the extruders apart to unclog them but they still won't pull the filament & print anything. Any thoughts on what I should do next?

On each of the extruders, do you have the lever kind where you have to flip a lever to press the gear against the filament or do you have one that is spring loaded? If it is the lever one, there's a set screw and you will need to turn this in to apply pressure to the drive gear against the filament.

Did you flip the 2X on it's side and take apart the bottom tray to expose the Mighty Board? Make sure the Extruder wires are plugged in all the way and also make sure that the wires to the extruder motors are properly connected and pushed in. These are all dummy proof connectors. Good luck.