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Z axis homing with inductive sensor

by barisertgrul

hi guys I am building Vulcanus 30 you can find it in here or instructables but I couldn't set inductive sensor. led on it turn on when metal approach but don't stop the z motors. How can I work this properly?

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printer setting repetier

by omar555

hi guys can you please help me choose setting for repetier host becasue i use to use cura but i have this problem everytime i print anything it stop extruding after 30 minutes i checked the driver i bought a new sd card and i still have the problem so i tried to connect the printer to cura but it didn't work (anybody know how to fix it ) so when i tried to use repetier it connected but the setting didn't work with my printer it's fast and it didn't extrude much

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Spiral issue

by 3dflyer

When ever I try to use spiral vase... no matter what object- it always cannot find a g-code/file.

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Tips Tricks and Questions

by 3dcreatief

If you want to share any information or question about Repetier and it's settings.
This is the place to do so.

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