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Tips for use/maintenance

by NoLiver92

I use my printer a lot and have found certain ways of doing things to make life easier while printing and when undertaking maintenance.

What are your tips for easy maintenance and printing?

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Off kilter printing

by SavageRealm

So I finally got my Replicator2 up and running consistently (that's a tale for a keg and a plate of nachos) and it gave me one good print yesterday, and now it seems to want to do its own thing and go off in abstract art land. Tower of Pisa prints are not what I need for my projects.

Should I slow the print down more than I already have or is there something else wonky with this ... lovely ... printer of mine? (shapes are two different models, but they all seem to enjoy going sideways on me)

print issues replicator2
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Print Problem

by joepartlow

I'm seeing a problem that shows up at about an inch above the print bed of my makerbot replicator 2x (see the attached picture). Any ideas?

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Drive gear stuck

by Javo

My replicator 2 prints and then the filament stops feeding i have to keep pressing the lever on the drive motor every minute when i press the lever it sounds with a click like if the filament was glued to the gear and after pressing it extrudes fine, i cleaned the nozzle the drive gear made a cold pull, i even took everything apart and cleaned the nozzle heating it up with a torch, cleaned the throat aligned everything and nothing i am puzzled dont know what else to do hope someone can have an idea of what I’m missing

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BC Technological Solutions build plates

by Selphb

Wanted to do a little poll. How many of group members have a glass build plate upgrade from BC Technological Solutions? I am getting low on build plates and the guy is out of business so trying to figure out an option. I have a CNC so if i am going to make my self some i wanted to see if anyone is interested.

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