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Tips for use/maintenance

by NoLiver92

I use my printer a lot and have found certain ways of doing things to make life easier while printing and when undertaking maintenance.

What are your tips for easy maintenance and printing?

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by Philswift1950

No matter what I do, i cannot print without warping. I'm using PLA and have tried various temperature settings, I have used painter tape, tried to minimize foot print, but nothing works. Anyone have any recommendations or ideas. thanks

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Printing Small Objects on Makerbot Replicator 2

by barrylucas

Hi folks. I am somewhat new to the technology of 3D printing and still working through some of the nuances of getting high quality prints all the time. One of my recent challenges was getting a high quality print of the attached drone body. In its normal configuration, the printer must print the small bridges that support the motor mounts. As you can see from the attached image, the standard settings do not do a good job of accomplishing this. I have done some background research on bridging and supports and it appears that this is the answer but I am curious if someone in this group can give me some insight into how they have successfully printed similar structures.

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Any issues with certain rolls of PLA or certain colors?

by awaldrop74

Has anyone found that they have come across a particular "bad roll" of filament or a color that their printer will not work with very well? I have tried to do multi-color prints with white, and the extruder jams frequently. When I say multi-color prints, I am referring to prints where I print one color until a specific height is reached, then pause so I can change to another color.
It only does this when I begin with white, all other colors are fine. If I print a white item alone, it does okay, but jams sometimes when I change to another color for a different print.

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Is there a way to Ungroup objects in an STL file?

by smithtk

I am using makerbot replicator + in an assisitive technology class. A student had downloaded a file which has 4 pieces. When we convert to a makerbot format to print I don't see a way to ungroup the pieces so that we can just print one, not four. Is there an option in Makerbot Print or tinkercad to do this? I have tried tinkercad. The file is https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:899126 -- Thanks.

Arthritis Assist - Button Assist, Zipper Pull, Key Assist, and Bag Handle
by Solstie
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