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Tips for use/maintenance

by NoLiver92

I use my printer a lot and have found certain ways of doing things to make life easier while printing and when undertaking maintenance.

What are your tips for easy maintenance and printing?

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BC Technological Solutions build plates

by Selphb

Wanted to do a little poll. How many of group members have a glass build plate upgrade from BC Technological Solutions? I am getting low on build plates and the guy is out of business so trying to figure out an option. I have a CNC so if i am going to make my self some i wanted to see if anyone is interested.

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Is there a way to Ungroup objects in an STL file?

by smithtk

I am using makerbot replicator + in an assisitive technology class. A student had downloaded a file which has 4 pieces. When we convert to a makerbot format to print I don't see a way to ungroup the pieces so that we can just print one, not four. Is there an option in Makerbot Print or tinkercad to do this? I have tried tinkercad. The file is https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:899126 -- Thanks.

Arthritis Assist - Button Assist, Zipper Pull, Key Assist, and Bag Handle
by Solstie
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Facebook Buy/Sell area for MakerBot parts and Mods

by Selphb

I decided to start a Buy/Sell area for MakerBot parts and Mods. The link below is to the open group. This is open to everyone that wants to buy or sell used or new parts or mods.


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No roof on small parts- tips?

by MariaMorevna

I'm trying to print some novelty jewelry with a lot of flat topped, narrow parts that I can't seem to get complete roofs on. Any suggestions? Parts are less than 3mm wide. Pic attached.

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