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by 3D-ME

RepRap is humanity's first general-purpose self-replicating manufacturing machine. It is an open-source project that focuses on the creation and development of 3D printers that can print (some of) their own parts.

More information can be found at the wiki: http://reprap.org/wiki/Main_Page

This group is a place to discuss and share files related to, but not limited to; printer designs, modifications/upgrades, calibration, etc.

Join to share your own RepRap related designs with this group!

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Non-moving bed 3d printer designs.

by Snaxxus

I want to build a large 3d printer maybe 1metre x 1metre bed size. I think momentum and weight could become an issue at these sizes with a moving bed. Are there repraps at this scale? My first instinct is to make a stout delta printer but I don't know what the limits of this design. Does anyone have experience with ambitious size reprap builds?

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Question About Your Printer's Features

by Ianmark

What are the feature's you like on your printer.I would like to see what the most important features are on a printer.

I'm wondering if I should upgrade, buy a new printer or just stay with what I have now, (FLSUN i3). My printer actually prints very well, but it is slow.


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Proto-Plastik Ultimate Hardware Kit

by proto-plastik

By request, I have put together a hardware kit that includes all the purchased parts you'll need to complete the Ultimate printer. This is intended for those who download the STL files from my GitHub site and print out all the parts. This hardware kit will complete your assembly.

This kit is available on Amazon or you can get the BOM from my Github site and source the parts yourself. I will be putting kits together for all Proto-Plastik printers soon, sot stay tuned.


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Q3D TwoUp-grade

by proto-plastik

Do you have a dusty old TwoUp sitting in the corner? Perhaps it's lying there after you threw it against the wall in frustration. By now you probably have some other printer. Maybe a Prusa or a CR10 or some Anet printer.

If you haven't completely destroyed your TwoUp, how about upgrading it? I've developed an upgrade kit that is available both as open source on my GitHub site or you can buy a complete kit from Amazon.

Not sure of the rules here for pitching stuff, so I won't provide a link. But, if you search Amazon for 'TwoUp-grade' you should find it.

We all have bad things to say about the TwoUp. You won't be saying anything that hasn't already been said if all you want to post here is smack talk.
For what it was (the cheapest 3D printer you could buy at the time), it worked if you were persistent. This kit goes a long way toward fixing some of its major issues. Namely, x-axis sag and y-axis wobble in the bed.

If you have any questions, feel free to IM me.

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