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by 3D-ME

RepRap is humanity's first general-purpose self-replicating manufacturing machine. It is an open-source project that focuses on the creation and development of 3D printers that can print (some of) their own parts.

More information can be found at the wiki: http://reprap.org/wiki/Main_Page

This group is a place to discuss and share files related to, but not limited to; printer designs, modifications/upgrades, calibration, etc.

Join to share your own RepRap related designs with this group!

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Marlin. 1.1.8 Bed levelling - CR10-S Seems good for a few prints

by Venomouse

Then I have to redo the bed levelling again. (the old piece of paper under on each point deal)

Any ideas why this would be the case?
I am using a WamBam Stainless sheet which comes off easily (ie no force is applied to the build platform when removing or reattaching.)

Thank you.

bed_leveling cr10s leveling Marlin marlin_firmware
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Compiling Marlin and associated config file for an Anet8

by LostAgain

6/1/22 UPDATE I followed all the same "chants and dances" with Vscode and Marlin AutoBuild that had given me the three error messages listed below for one more try to compile Marlin 2.0 The only changes I made was to use Marin 2.0 BugFix and worked out of a folder on my Desk Top. TO MY SUPRISE, I WAS ABLE TO COMPILE MARLIN 2.0BUGFIX. I don't know what solved my problem using Marlin2.0 bugfix or moving my Marlin files to my desk top.

Using VScode's Marlin AutobBuild, I am able to compile Marlin's (ramps) default code successfully. However, when I change Marlin's ramps code to the Anet A8 I get one of the three following error codes:

1.Marlin\src\lcd\marlinui.cpp:796:60: error: 'manual_feedrate_mm_s' was not declared in this scope
_t fr_mm_s = (axis < LOGICAL_AXES) ? manual_feedrate_mm_s[axis] : const feedRate XY_PROBE_FEEDRATE_MM_S

2.*** [.pio\build\sanguino1284p_optimized\src\src\lcd\marlinui.cpp.o] Error 1

3.*** [Marlin\src\HAL\AVR\HAL.cpp] E:\Marlin-2.0.x\Marlin-2.0.x.pio\build\sanguino1284p_optimized.sconsign39.dblite: No such file or directory

My end goal is to compile Marlin for Anet A8 and would appreciate any help that gets me to that point.

Thanks in advance

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Good quality PSU for DIY printer

by JacTech

Whats a good quallity PSU for a DIY printer? ive heard of Mean Well a lot but are there any other good ones?

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Slicer Speed

by MakeItMakeItMakeIt

So I slice a part in Cura 4.6.1 with a Print Speed of 30mm/s.

When it's actually running on the printer, I can hear and see that it's faster than 30mm/s, and the display tells me it's running at 100mm/s, so I have to go into Tune and slow it down to 30.

Anyone have any thoughts as to why this would happen?


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