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by 3D-ME

RepRap is humanity's first general-purpose self-replicating manufacturing machine. It is an open-source project that focuses on the creation and development of 3D printers that can print (some of) their own parts.

More information can be found at the wiki: http://reprap.org/wiki/Main_Page

This group is a place to discuss and share files related to, but not limited to; printer designs, modifications/upgrades, calibration, etc.

Join to share your own RepRap related designs with this group!

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NTC 3950 100k settings Marlin

by SimonFranz5

Hi! Which settings in Marlin should I use with this thermistor?

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Melzi Reprap 2.0 Pro 1284P Questions/Issues

by oconneej

Hello! I am trying to swap out the the board in my Makerselect V2 because the SD card reader became detached and damaged the circuit board. I purchased a Melzi Reprap 2.0 Pro 1284P to replace it with and wanted some advice/guidance on how to make this happen. I have an Arduino Uno to flash new firmware to the board, but unsure how to do it properly. I also wanted to use the LCD screen that was on the original board as well, but I can’t figure out how to get it to work properly. It’s an Melzi LCD v5 I believe. It has a rotary knob, but no SD card slot on it. Here is a picture of the board for reference

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Strange E0 problem

by Skyevan52

I have been having a series of issues with my Reprapguru v2 that I can't since to fix. The E0 stepper port isn't working. The stepper is fine and runs without issue when plugged into the Y or X port. I have swapped the stepper drivers around and even purchased a new set of them and that doesn't work. I have bought and tried a total of 2 replacement Arduinos and 4 RAMPs boards to try and trouble shoot this. I have also used marlin code that worked prior as well as a newer version.

Does anyone have an idea what could be going on because I am at a loss?

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I2C on MKS Gen L / MKS Base 1.5

by pyr0ball

I have both an MKS Gen L and an MKS Base 1.5 on hand to play with, and a couple of devices I'm trying to attach via i2c. I have a code/firmware library I know works based on hooking the devices up to a generic RAMPS 1.4 board.

My issue is I can't seem to figure out how to wire up for i2c on these MKS boards, or find any decent documentation about how to do it.

Pins 20/21 don't show up on any pinout maps, and I cant seem to figure out any other way to get those attached.

Last resort I can do some microsoldering to those pins on the atmega2560 with some kynar wire, but I'm trying to avoid that if possible.

i2c MKS_Base MKS_Gen
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