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by 3D-ME

RepRap is humanity's first general-purpose self-replicating manufacturing machine. It is an open-source project that focuses on the creation and development of 3D printers that can print (some of) their own parts.

More information can be found at the wiki: http://reprap.org/wiki/Main_Page

This group is a place to discuss and share files related to, but not limited to; printer designs, modifications/upgrades, calibration, etc.

Join to share your own RepRap related designs with this group!

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New heater Cartridge problem.

by Hesus

Hi. My thermistor was showing wrong temperature about 20-25 degree less compared to the new one. They are basic glass 100k thermistors in J-head v5 clone with standard 40W 12V 4ohm ceramic heater Cartridge. I thought that would be great to change the heating Cartridge too bcs i used it maybe 500-700 hours :v. Swapped both of them and now extruder can't even reach 220C.. The old one heated perfectly to 230C while printer was self leveling. The new one is heating about 5 minutes to unstable 200C... I did PID tuning in pronterface the first one with 230C and 10 Cycles ended up with timeout error. The second one with 180C and 8 Cycles ended with 5 Times higher PID values compared to the old heater. On new PID settings and after restart printer still can't reach 230C. Running on the newest marlin and arduino. Its my own custom 3d printer. Fan is blowing on fins exactly one fin above Heat Block. Never needed any silicon sock or other stuff. Cartridge and thermistor is secured with screw and Red titanium high temperature silicone. Cables are tight and undamaged. Any ideas?

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Pi wont connect to MKS Gen L Board

by SaltyTaco

I am plugging the pi in to the type B USB port and i keep getting the following error:

Error: Failed to autodetect serial port, please set it manually.

The pi is fine, it worked onthe previous melzi board, but now it wont connect to the MKS board. Is there some setting I am missing here? Any help appreciated.

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Lulzbot AO 101 and Simplify3d

by Leftyhokum

Just wanted to throw a thread here that made it apparent using the Simplifi3d - LulzbotTaz 3 settings for older model Lulzbot printers works well. The only things I had to do was set the platform dimension to the smaller size of the AO 101 and add a script to make sure the fan is running. I had been messing with these settings for awhile and finally broke down and bought Simplify3d. Man am glad I did because even though this is an old ass machine it works like a dream.

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