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Hand-Spinner Superman by sebballl 1 day ago
The Filamolder by Matthew813 3 days ago
Orange pi Keychain by kikuon May 20, 2017
28BYJ-48_Stepper Extruder and Effector for Delta Printer by kikuon May 18, 2017
QSN - 3D Printer Torture Test Art (Quasicrystalline Spin Network) by RWGresearch May 17, 2017
Mobile phone ring by wjl5327 May 13, 2017
Y Axis Belt Lock by ronenst May 9, 2017
Z3D Improved Z rod clamp for Prusa i3 Improved for laser cut frame by fotogravinci May 2, 2017
hotend-silicone socks by kikuon Apr 30, 2017
25mm Fan Shroud and Proximity Sensor Holder by kikuon Apr 30, 2017
Fully 3D printed Fidget Spinner tool by gigith Apr 29, 2017
What's an Etruscan Urn ? April Fools Cup by dadanddaughter Apr 25, 2017