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Acrylic for an Enclosure

by Csandra

I am working on building an enclosure. Has anyone built an enclosure using acrylic sheets? If so, do you mind sharing your source and cost?

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Add-on parts that work well on a RepRapGuru

by SgtSpamCan

Post your favorite things for use with your RepRap Guru machine

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Repetier settings for Reprapguru V2

by Vaeloron

I just had to reload windows on my 3D printing laptop and lost all of my settings for my I3 V2. I am looking at the configuration manual and under printer shape it says to set Home X, Home Y, and Home Z to min however these fields are currently set to zero and I can only put a number in them. I remember having this issue when I first set it up but I forgot what I put in these fields. I am also missing some of the Slic3r settings but I should be able to work those out. If anyone can share their Repetier printer settings it would be greatly appreciated.

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Marlin v1.1.5 Upgrade?

by nitdoggx

Has anyone upgraded their RepRapGuru to the latest Marlin v1.1.5 firmware? I was going to give it a shot and start modifying the Configuration.h using values from the old version that came with the printer vs the Folger2020 example values the new v1.1.5 includes. If someone already did this work and was successful, I'd love to clone your repo and try it out. Otherwise, I'll give it a go sometime soon and share my results.

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200mm x 300mm bed

by Chaseabun86

Hi, I've seen a few elongated beds on Amazon, eBay, ect. Can I drop this into my i3 v2? Or will I need longer smooth rods and threaded support rods to gain more print surface?

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