Marlin v1.1.5 Upgrade?

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Has anyone upgraded their RepRapGuru to the latest Marlin v1.1.5 firmware? I was going to give it a shot and start modifying the Configuration.h using values from the old version that came with the printer vs the Folger2020 example values the new v1.1.5 includes. If someone already did this work and was successful, I'd love to clone your repo and try it out. Otherwise, I'll give it a go sometime soon and share my results.

I've placed an edited version of the latest Marlin firmware (v1.1.6) on my Dropbox at https://www.dropbox.com/sh/z0yhh0eoq1d9ia2/AAAq7BmiHCpk7jkbZNh_P6jka?dl=1

I have it working on my RRG that has an IR sensor and auto leveling enabled. If you're using the standard mechanical Z endstop, you'll want to change const bool Z_MIN_ENDSTOP_INVERTING = false to true (line # 511), and you'll also want to comment out #define Z_MIN_PROBE_USES_Z_MIN_ENDSTOP_PIN (line # 602) and #define ENABLE_AUTO_BED_LEVELING (line # 880). Also note the acceleration settings; I should have commented out of all the defaults. I can probably make edits that correspond to standard RRGs towards the end of the week.

Thanks for the upload, bioradio! I will give your version a shot soon myself. I'm currently in the middle of doing a modified version of the AM8 upgrade that is here on Thingiverse. Once that's done, I'll spend some more time on firmware.

Sure thing, and feel free to let me know if you have any issues—as of late, the only things I've been tweaking are z probe options and acceleration settings.

Have you considered making a fork from the main github repo and pushing your changes there? Could even submit a pull request for the custom Configuration.h (and whatever else changed) specific to the RRG into the example_configurations folder.

I've never contributed to Github, so I am not familiar with things such as making a fork. I'll look into more when I get my RRG back online. Hopefully that'll be in a couple of weeks, after I've made a new home for my RRG.

I ran into issues a few months ago when I tried to upgrade to the latest Marlin firmware and never wound up finishing. The process should be relatively straightforward, but there must have been some setting that I missed which reduced functionality. Please keep us updated if you go through with the upgrade, I would love to try yours vs mine and see if the problem is solved.