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by Kohzale

Hello, I am new here and I have just had a RIGIDBOT BIG but I have no last ones Firmware, would have you an address or I can find them?

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Rigidbot to CNC or laser

by patbryant

Hey guys! I've been trying to decide to upgrade to a laser engraver and or a CNC and a CNC seems more promising for my ideas. Any thoughts? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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Printer Speed

by yenlo

Hi folks, what are your current settings for print speed on the RB1 out of the box?

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Smaller pulley - more accurate vs. slower

by seefood

What do you think? I got a 16 tooth pulley axis and I'm about to go play with it (once I found the right parameter to change in Marlin). What are your thoughts? Is it beneficial for the RB (life expectancy of the stepper motors for instance) or just a useless learning hack?

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