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3D Printed FRC Robot!

by Team3187FRC

This team designed and printed a robot. They then competed in competitions all over Arizona.

FIRST_FRC FRC robotics
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Easy Robotics kits for Beginers

by Darknesshas1

I want to get into some of the 3d printed robots but i dont want to drop $50-100 on parts i have no clue how to use or assemble. Id love if y'all could show me some easy prints or even non 3d printed kits that i could get into as a beginer.

As a note my printer has a 12cm^3 print bed, but flatter parts i can shift and rotate to fit (maybe)

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by Drag_Turner

Hi. I am thinking of building a Battle Bot for a competition in the Fall. It will be a 150 gram Flipper Battle Bot. I will be using N20 motors and speed controllers. I do not know what type of battery and transmitter and receiver I will be using. Any suggestions for what types I should use?


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All designers out there please help!?

by benny11boy

ok if you haven't already known im building a battle bot and my weapon is pretty much a drum spinner and im using a GT2 timing belt 2mm pitch 6mm width for my pulley but im am very new to designing so im not too sure how to make gears to fit my A2212 1000KV brushless motor and then I will have to have another gear fitting onto a 76mm threaded rod so if anyone is experienced with cad and knows how to design this type of gear, so if you have a design just link it in the comments and all info is appreciated in any way thanks

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need help with battle bot please help?!

by benny11boy

Ok pretty much im building a battle bot for a competition with my friend and im putting a pulley system going to my brushless motor and then my weapon that is pretty much a drum spinner but im struggling with is the belt or pulley system I should buy I live Australia so if anyone knows any shops that I can get for cheap and fast I will be greatly appreciated.

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