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Discord Chat

by kadse

Hey, feel free to join our Discord server about 3D Printing, Arduino, Raspberry Pi and other related maker topics!

Invite: https://discord.gg/WZyyYtA

chat community discord talk
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Create servo movements for a robot with a live web controller

by megamikey

How to record a robotic movement live and how to export it to an Arduino device.

We released a movement (supports simultaneous movements for multiple servos) live recording and export support for Arduino and compatible controller boards.

We have created a web interface that allows to record multiple servo movements and upload the movement to an Arduino board. The movement can also be used with a Raspberry Pi and configured to different kind of servos and actuators.

If you are planning complex sequences for multiple servos for example quadruped movement, this is very useful. Or if you are planning and testing your device from ground up. The service is currently in beta and will continue to grow with more features.

arduino diy Quadruped Raspberry_Pi robot
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5 axis desktop robot, Laser cut plans for free

by Nightxp

Good afternoon everyone,

TLDR: Looking to release for free my 5 axis robot DXF plans if people are interested.

I created a small desktop robot arm in my spare time, and came to idea that because of the features people might want to buy it, so i started a company (with the idea to create more, more details later) however about 1-2 years ago i closed the company as it failed.

I didn't want my work to go to waste, so i'm thinking of releasing the dxf files for free for everything to use as they please, as the aim/goal for my robot at the time was to create something that was accessible to everyone and affordable (at the time before MeArm came out, the best things was a £250 4 axis arm with expensive upgrades and additional axis)

My overall aim was to make a low cost, simple, easy to use, easy to put together, easy to fix, looked nice and most importantly functional robot.

So to give you some details and insight i'd attached some photos of the robots and some general specs as well.

Details over view:

Robot name: HEW
Axis: 5
Additional axis: 1 endeffector
Servos: Standard metal geared Tower pro
Power req: 6V at 3A Maximum
Please see the attached images for more info.

Along with HEW the main robot, i created a HEW-mini a much smaller version using the standard Micro servos and a small 4-wheel drive rover platform which i can release as well if people are interested.

Additional notes: The construction of the robot was a key area for me, so if you ever one want build one you only need a small handful of items, most of the connections use an M3x8mm for simplicity (hate having multiple bags of different size screws) with an additional 3 M3x10 for use on the joints and 4 M2x8 for a attaching the micro servos.

i also have some fully made assembly guides (lego style inspired) if people need them too along with a basic youtube video tutorial build.

So if people are really interested in the design i'll create a page for it.

This isn't a marketing post or anything like that i just want to give something back to the maker community as i my self am a big fan of the movement and the morals we are trying to achieve.

Thanks and have fun!


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Need help splitting a Mesh!

by DiegoFX

Can someone please help me cut this mesh up!, https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1414477 it is a Terminator T-800 Skull. I've been planing to make one with LED eyes, CPU compartment, and a opening jaw, already printed the "Movable Jaw" version of the T-800 already on thingiverse but it is better for a prop and is not accurate to the screen-used Endoskulls. found this model the other day and have been trying to cut the jaw, jaw-pistons, and eyes as separate meshes with little luck. if those could be removed then i could finish the model from there but I've been stuck trying to do that bit for a while. Please help!

Terminator T801
by Thaurus
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Help / Ayuda

by FedeMiller

Hello everyone, as I am new to this I do not have much knowledge about robotics.

I'm thinking about making a vertical axis wind turbine


the problem that as it is a cheap plastic I do not think that it can withstand wind of more than 70Km / h I give you an example:


Well, I need a brake system for gear ... something that can brake the propellers automatically.
In robotics, how brakes are made for gear ... do you help me?

I made a scheme (good to the gross) of a possible solution, give me your opinion please thanks
Greetings Fefo

Hola a todos, como soy nuevo en esto no tengo mucho conocimiento sobre robótica.

Estoy pensando hacer un aerogenerador de eje vertical


el problema que como es un plástico barato no creo que aguante viento de mas de 70Km/h te doy un ejemplo:


Bien necesito un sistema de freno para engranaje... algo que pueda frenar las hélices en forma automática.
En la robótica como se hace los frenos para engranaje... me ayudas?

Hice un esquema (bien a lo bruto) de una posible solución, me dan su opinión por favor gracias
Saludos Fefo

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