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by FedeMiller

Hello everyone, as I am new to this I do not have much knowledge about robotics.

I'm thinking about making a vertical axis wind turbine


the problem that as it is a cheap plastic I do not think that it can withstand wind of more than 70Km / h I give you an example:


Well, I need a brake system for gear ... something that can brake the propellers automatically.
In robotics, how brakes are made for gear ... do you help me?

I made a scheme (good to the gross) of a possible solution, give me your opinion please thanks
Greetings Fefo

Hola a todos, como soy nuevo en esto no tengo mucho conocimiento sobre robótica.

Estoy pensando hacer un aerogenerador de eje vertical


el problema que como es un plástico barato no creo que aguante viento de mas de 70Km/h te doy un ejemplo:


Bien necesito un sistema de freno para engranaje... algo que pueda frenar las hélices en forma automática.
En la robótica como se hace los frenos para engranaje... me ayudas?

Hice un esquema (bien a lo bruto) de una posible solución, me dan su opinión por favor gracias
Saludos Fefo

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Easy robot controlling with your mobile phone for quadrupeds

by megamikey

A free to install demo version has a new release with following new features controllingdemo-0.1.1-RELEASE

  • New option to center controller when released
  • Recording to store and playback gestures
  • Continuous playback to repeat a gesture
  • Reverse and link controllers together for simultaneous movement
  • Fixed a bug in linking controllers with the Link button

Demo version install instructions http://gigabrain.io/demo/standalonedemo.html

Full featured controller has features to save recordings. Upcoming features include stepper motor control, Dynamixel actuator control, ROS integration (Robotic Operating System http://www.ros.org/ ). If you are interested in the demo version including these features, please contact.

camera electronics hand PrintBot Quadruped Raspberry_Pi Remote_control robot Vorpal
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3D Printed FRC Robot!

by Team3187FRC

This team designed and printed a robot. They then competed in competitions all over Arizona.

FIRST_FRC FRC robotics
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Easy Robotics kits for Beginers

by Darknesshas1

I want to get into some of the 3d printed robots but i dont want to drop $50-100 on parts i have no clue how to use or assemble. Id love if y'all could show me some easy prints or even non 3d printed kits that i could get into as a beginer.

As a note my printer has a 12cm^3 print bed, but flatter parts i can shift and rotate to fit (maybe)

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by Drag_Turner

Hi. I am thinking of building a Battle Bot for a competition in the Fall. It will be a 150 gram Flipper Battle Bot. I will be using N20 motors and speed controllers. I do not know what type of battery and transmitter and receiver I will be using. Any suggestions for what types I should use?


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