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Hero Forge

by GDHPrinter

Hey people! I know you guys like customizable minis, so I wanted to take a minute to share a website I have come across called Hero Forge Custom Miniatures: www.heroforge.com.

Hero Forge Custom Miniatures is a website that makes it possible to easily design custom miniatures. You can edit the proportions of the body, clothes, a base, items, mounts, and so much more. There are even dozens of poses you can do for your character. From there, you can order a 3D-printed model of them, or download for personal use. Hero Forge is the best website of its kind. It is high enough quality to be used for personal or professional projects. The models are highly adaptable, and can be used in game design, movie making, and even sculptures.

However, Hero Forge is lacking in the ability to download and externally pose your characters. Sign the petition to change this:


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BuckleBoards protyping / model making building blocks

by tonyyoungblood

Greetings all,

After 4 years of hacking away at it, I finally published my open source building blocks BuckleBoards on Thingiverse. Basically, they're snapable surfaces that you can use to make playfields, walls, roofs, etc. Then you skin the structures with BuckleTiles. Eventually, I'll start making tiles with specific textures, such as cobblestone, brick, grass, water, etc. Maybe some here will find them useful. No worries if not.

The video on the Thingiverse page explains it best: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2933767

BuckleBoards, Open Source Building Block for Prototyping and Model Making
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Wood Grain Texture?

by RobagoN

Hello RPG Mini Makers!

To all those making terrain with wooden features, I am curious what methods people are using to create these textures. I understand it heavily depends on which CAD system you are using. So, what general methods do you us in your software of choice?

I have been think of doing a lithophane remix or OpenSCAD method. Are there other ways using free programs (sculptris/onshape/meshmixer/fusion360/blender) besides simply drawing every line of the grain? (not opposed to this but just curious to see if there is a different way)

Aside, when do you choose to add the texture and when do you choose to leave it off? Thanks!

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Miniatures for cthulhu stuff?

by IstharInferos

There is something about that? I have Arkham Horror LCG and plan to buy something else. In these games there isn't miniatures and love to print some character or monster (or both) to improve the experience


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