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prepping for paint

by nickythegreek

So I wanted to talk about prepping models for painting. Right now I have basically 3 things that I use, and I wonder if anyone else has any different products or techniques. It seems like I always have a lot of stuff to print and paint, and I got a game to run. So I tend to go with speed over time.

I do most of my printing at .2mm on a Lulzbot Taz 5 for larger stuff and I try and pack the bed pretty regularly. I'll do some more detailed pieces on an Ultimaker 2 Go (I bounce between .2mm, .15mm, sometimes .1). I do rougher prints to save time and assume my next step will help even out surface detail. I rarely do light sanding prior to priming. I almost always print with cheap white PLA. For high detailed stuff and my heroforge moels, I use a Form 1+ resin printer with Gray v3 resin.

  1. Rustoleum Sandable Filler/Primer - I love this stuff, but I normally only use 1 coat. I'm sure 3 coats would really be better.

  2. Krylon Triple Thick Clear Glaze - Used this for the first time today and it looked impressive. This stuff goes down thick and looks like it will self level pretty nicely. I am worried that I might lose some detail. I am also unsure how it will paint and if I will need to put a primer on top of it. Smells horrible.

  3. XTC 3D - 2 part epoxy coating made to self level on 3d prints. This stuff wasn't worth the hassle for me. It is messy, has a short work time and I tend to put too much on and it runs.

  4. Vallejo Plastic Putty - This stuff is great for repairing small print issues, hiding seems or creating transitions after mating multiple parts. A little goes a long way, dries fast and has no order (my tamiya putty stinks up the whole room).

Afterwards, I normally jump right into acrylic paints (sometimes I'll use a spray paint black primer first to get a good dark base). I normally use either Vallejo or Army Painter acrylics that I pickup from the local gaming store.

I'm currently not using anything to seal afterwards. Is that necessary? Any recommendations on that front?

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camping models

by nickythegreek

I see several beds on thingiverse, but no sleeping bags and camping decor. Anyone know where I might be able to find anything like that?

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Best Filament Paint

by Misdemeanour

Was just wondering what the best paint for PLA is?

The paint I purchased looks like absolute crap so I'm really keen to find out what everyone uses.

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Basing Techniques

by dutchmogul

I'd like to hear what you guys like to do for base designs. I know that some go for beveled or slightly curved edges, but personally, I take a straight edge which mimics laser cut MDF, which is what I ordered for basing prior to 3D printing, and is still. in my opinion, a great universal way to base your models. Also, any good base designs to share?

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