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Anyone know where to find/how to get good "token" minis?

by Mattcraft900

Right now I'm playing an Artillerist Artificer in a campaign and I wanted to have a unique mini for each type of eldritch cannon - the thing is, I'm gonna be making them Tiny size most of the time, which means they can share a space with Medium or larger creatures, which means it'd be nice if their mini could do the same. I'm imagining something like these where it's basically just a base with a pattern on it (I've actually been using these myself and they're fantastic): https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2002417 but in this case, instead of a skull and crossbones, it has the shape of a flame/shockwave/first aid symbol, etc. Obviously I specifically want to find those three things, but the question can still apply to really anything of this sort of "patterned base" idea.

Tabletop Gaming Dead Markers
by mz4250
dungeons_and_dragons flatmini miniatures
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Ideas for minis?

by PzaforRza

Hey y'all. I've temporarily run out of ideas for characters to sculpt. Anybody got any fun characters with interesting back stories and/or props? Any ideas would be helpful. Here are most of my sculpts to date. https://www.thingiverse.com/pzaforrza/collections/dd

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