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Smoothing small objects?

by JDubya69

Hey, everyone. I just found this group. I've started making police cars out of 1:18 scale diecast models. I've been making the light bars, spot lights, etc. I've been printing at very slow speeds and using .15 layer height, but am still getting visible lines. The spot lights are especially small, so what's the best way to smooth something that small? Sanding is out of the question since it's so small.

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glueing pls prints

by mini-mad-mike

hi quick question what is the best to glue pla parts for the strongest result

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Print Sizes

by DrFrankensteam

I was wondering if anyone knows what percentage bigger O scale is from HO. I see many HO scale models here I would love to print, but I use O scale and I'm not sure how much bigger percentage wise O is from HO. Or even N scale. I'd love to scale some of these models up and add them to my layout. I'm not too picky, really. Not the kind of model railroader that goes for ultra-realism.

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Problems with slicing

by jollyro

I tried to make some figurines and Shopping Carts for HO Railroad. But when I try to slice them half of the models are not shown in the slice. I also tried to print, but it is faulty like the slice preview showed. I use a Anycubic Mega S . Any ideas , how to fix or prevent that?

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Help with Spaceship of Ezekiel

by MysticTome

Wondering if anyone would be interested in modifying my thing, https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4498138. I'm not a great 3D modeler but would love to have a decent model of the Spaceship of Ezekiel. I've come close but I can't get the concave cone or some of the finer details. Anyone interested in remixing it into something worth printing? If you Google "Spaceship of Ezekiel" you can find tons of reference pictures.

Spaceship of Ezekiel
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