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escala 1:86 ?

by cristiandebahia

hola amigos como andan alguien tiene stl de modelos escala para una impresora prusa i3 de 20 x 20 en escala 1:86 de ruinas casas y de guerras desde ya muchas gracias

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glueing pls prints

by mini-mad-mike

hi quick question what is the best to glue pla parts for the strongest result

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Print Sizes

by DrFrankensteam

I was wondering if anyone knows what percentage bigger O scale is from HO. I see many HO scale models here I would love to print, but I use O scale and I'm not sure how much bigger percentage wise O is from HO. Or even N scale. I'd love to scale some of these models up and add them to my layout. I'm not too picky, really. Not the kind of model railroader that goes for ultra-realism.

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3D Print Scale Models with 3rd party resins

by drato

Hey everyone,

I used a 3rd party resin (Liqcreate Stone Coal Black) to print a skull and miniatures for an architecture model on my Formlabs Form 2. I thought this might be interesting for scale model creation as well. The video covers the following topics:

-Exchanging Build Platform
-Exchanging Resin Tank
-Filter/Clean Resin
-Prepare Printer for using 3rd Party Resin
-Prepare a Model in Preform for printing & Uploading to the Printer
-Postprocessing Prints: Clean/Rinse with Ultrasonic Cleaner, UV Cure, Cutting Supports

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Need your help..

by SFernandez1974

Hi guys, I don't know how to design in 3D, i'm starting studying it...but it's a long long way...(to the top if you wanna r'n'r LOL)

I want to make a couple of pit boards to use with my 1/12 motogp bikes collection. The idea it's to make those:



I want to make it "blank" and then design decals and do diferents pitboards.

Could you help me please? I don't know how to start and for sure you will spend 10 minutes and make both of them...

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