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by timbologist

I have just purchased some proper Resin for my D7 DUP printer which is a rapid cure resin especially for these printers. I have been using it as a glue to assemble some of my models, but also I have been mixing it with baby powder to make a filling paste. the amount of powder depends on how stiff a a filler I need. You can use it on those prints that have bits missing. or building up areas that you wish to change. I have a 3w UV led mounted on a large bodied pen that I use to cure the filler. Standard resins should work the same just take a bit longer to cure.
It is also best to use a clear resin for this as the UV will penetrate a lot further so you cane build up with thicker layers.

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How to print minis on the Form2 with 3rd party resin

by RobotMama

Hey everyone,

I used a 3rd party resin (Liqcreate Stone Coal Black) to print a skull and miniatures for an architecture model on my Formlabs Form 2. I thought this might also be interesting for mini creators to get a feeling on how the Form2 is performing concerning miniature printing. The video covers the following topics:

-Exchanging Build Platform
-Exchanging Resin Tank
-Filter/Clean Resin
-Prepare Printer for using 3rd Party Resin
-Prepare a Model in Preform for printing & Uploading to the Printer
-Postprocessing Prints: Clean/Rinse with Ultrasonic Cleaner, UV Cure, Cutting Supports

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by timbologist

This is a method I use for repairing those prints that don't go as planned and for gap filling and modifying some of my prints, I use it as a modelling putty also.

I make an ABS slurry then add baking powder to the mix to make a stiff paste, usually more baking powder than ABS. Does not have the tendency to sink or get holes in, as straight ABS does, caused by I believe the Acetone evaporating.
I use it In all my model making as a filler as most people use the Tamiya putties.If it goes hard in the jar just add more Acetone.

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