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Not Printing in Seattle

by brucefyfe

Hi all,
I have a Robo3D R1+ that I bought in January. My forst printer and I'm new to 3D printing. At first everything was going well. Now I am having a problem with the Z axis and can't seem to get it working. I have had some correspondence with ROBO and their user forum but still having trouble. Any here in Seattle that knows Robo3D nuances that could help me out. Probably soothing simple. I could buy you lunch sometime for you troubles. I have the printer in my office in Issaquah.


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Share Your Knowledge and Expertise

by schlem

I have a friend who just bought a Prusa i3 Mk2 and he's going through the new printer learning curve. It struck me that I don't have much experience with Cura, his out-of-the-box slicer and the Prusa workflow. I have my way, and it works well for me.

I thought it might be helpful to share which printers and software we use, to help someone with a technical question or curiosity.


Printrbot Plus (original laser cut version)
Home-built RepRaps
Kickstarter Printrbot derivative
Lulzbot Taz 4


Printer Control

Design Tools
(I have used Blender)
Wanna learn to use Scuptris

I am also (finally) assembling my Shapeoko CNC kit, but the holidays and cold weather have kept me out of the Schlaboratory lately.

If I can answer any questions, lemme know!

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by schlem

Hi. My name is Todd, I live in Ballard, I have a few printers and a Shapeoko kit that I haven't assembled yet. I don't really have an affiliation to any local makerspaces, except attending an OpenSCAD class taught by Emmett at Makerhaus (RIP). I am trying to get the good folks at Metrix to help me laser drill some pinholes. More ideas than time. And I have a fair bit of spare time.

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Open 3DC

by thinkyhead

Anyone else planning to attend the free 3D Printing Mini Conference on February 7?


Looks like a good chance to put faces to names and maybe learn a thing or 2!

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