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CTC Bizer starting script

by B0n0_

Hi all.

Anyone have a modified/improved starting gcode for the CTC Bizer Dual?

I have no idea of editing gcode but i think that the starting gode of the makerbot desktop is better...

Thanks to all!


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Making Custom Infill pattern's

by wesman732

What G-code command sequences are used for infill. Can an infill script, plugin or other mechanism be used for custom infill patterns. I'm interested in printing on or making fabrics in 3D printing.

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Who is Chris Elkins and why are his profiles so popular?

by santanig5

Total Noob here, I've been printing for about two weeks now on my Creality CR-10 mini with varying success. I was initially using Cura 3.1.0 to slice my prints then it was suggested by a co-worker who has been printing for some time to use S3D as he says it is "simply the best" slicing software out there, so I did and again with varying results.
Yesterday someone on the FB Creality CR-10 group suggested I try Chris Elkins' profile and just change the bed size as it was configured for a S4 bed, so again in search of a better print I downloaded it and printed a benchy, it was better than the profile I was using from my co-worker, but why?
What level of understanding does Chris have of this printer, the process and printing in general that makes his profile so good and how does one obtain this information?
I've looked at the setting and researched terms I do not understand, but the explanation sometimes leves be just as in the dark as I was before!
Clearly there is no one size fits all when it comes to 3D printing with all the different printer and material manufacturers out there but I am eager to learn, and am not sure where to start.
Any help would be appreciated.

Creality_CR-10 noob
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Professional "Benchy"

by gamekorp

Made this with professional 'functional and aesthetic' FDM parts in mind, it's all I need in a benchy (to test filaments, finish, and strength).

This is an advanced benchy so it's up to you how to use it, also it's 5 bucks.. gotta buy another S3D license LOL. jk <3

Or you could make your own - of buy mine and have some piece of mind :) Happy printing


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Support Pillar Resolution

by Newtron

Even though I have the Support Pillar Resolution dialed all the way down to 1.00mm, the supports seem overly thick. Anyone else running into this issue? Thanks!

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