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by SavedDoughnut16

if I have an intel core i3, is this processor able to handle s3d?

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Script for CR-10S Filament Sensor over USB?

by fatboy1271

I've learned the hard way, and just verified in another Post, that if you print over USB from S3D that the Filament Sensor doesn't work... 17 hours into a 26 hour print :(

Anyone know if there's a Script that can be used to make S3D recognize this?

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Layer seam excessivly visible

by Keepars

Hey all,

Iv been working a lot with simplify 3d and i have every setting damn near perfect except the visibility of the start/end of a layer blisters outward. I have an Anet A8 with an E3D V6 Bowden setup. The two images attached are of two benchys, The benchy on the left has the layer start points set to "Optimize start points for fastest printing speed" and as you can see the bow of benchy is quite ugly from the start points. The benchy on the right is using "Choose start point for closest to specific location" I picked a spot close to the front corner of the bow of benchy and you can see the seam in img_1641. I have played with retraction speed and coasting distance, my coasting distance is set to 0.4mm.

Would adjusting settings in the firmware like increasing jerk speed help this? my jerk speeds are XY 10mm/s and Z 0.3mm/s and my accelerations are 400mm/s2. Looking at them now they seem kind of slow to me.

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To buy or not to buy...

by chewbaccah

I have been looking at Simplify3D for a couple of weeks, but the cost is so astronomically high, I haven't been able to justify purchasing it. I have heard that it improves print quality, but there are no specifics on how it does that, other than easy-to-remove supports. I would love to get some solid feedback.

Does it improve surface quality? If yes, how does it do that exactly?
Are the prints smoother?
Are there fewer artifacts in the surface?
Does it improve other printing issues, like bridging and overhangs for example?

If anyone from Simplify3D is reading this, a limited sample of the program (think 7-14 day demo) would be great so that users could compare their current printing software to Simplify3D. Perhaps a 7 day return policy on the license?

It looks like a great program -- but without hard data, its difficult to justify the cost.

I look forward to hearing other opinions!


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Auto-configure for print quality problem

by Keepars

Im trying to make my own print quality options in Simplify 3D. Iv created all the options I wanted in the drop down menu and I went ahead and started configuring the settings for the way I wanted in each print quality settings.

Let me describe the problem. Say I have 2 options under "Auto-Configure for Print Quality", A and B. Under A I have Layer height @ 0.2mm and under B I have Layer height @ 0.15mm. Everything is good so far.
I then move to the First layer settings. I Proceed to setting A and set First Layer Height @ 100%, I move to setting B and set First layer Height @ 150%. I go back to Setting A and first layer height is saying 150%. I set A's First layer height to 100% and go back to setting B and now its layer height is saying 100%. it appears that these settings are linked like if you group processes. How can I change these settings ONLY for the selected print quality option without it affecting other print quality options?

Any tips, suggestions or references are greatly appreciated

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