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4.1.1 no g-code generated

by C4veman

Simplify3d 4.1.1 installed and no g-code is generated... The issue is also reported on their forums. Anyone the same problem or knows how to fix it?

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Split color printing issue

by SubaruB4RSK

I thought I got everything right.. I did the setting wizard for splitting layers.. OK first color good.. switched to red.. went to print and the nozzle started to lower.. I figure it was because of the G1 Z0 script so I took it out.. now what should of been right on top of the white part it starts printing in air over the part.. what did I do wrong???

God I really screwed up I thought I could zero the Z in the machine control and I went to press -Z and the Z axis keeps going up..

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Model keeps getting split in S3D

by SubaruB4RSK

Trying to print this here in the main view it looks fine but when it comes time to slice the model it has a weird split in the case where it should be solid I'm switching over to cura to see if it stills happens but from what I saw I don't think so.. but I wonder if Simplify3D has maybe some setting that needs to be checked because of this?


Arduino uno CASE (rev1&rev3)
by Richi90
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Prepare 2 dimensional logo for 3d printing

by Michael_NRW

Hello 3D printing friends,
I am still very new in this area and have a small problem ... I would like to prepare a very simple logo (two letters in the final effect) for 3D printing. The logo should be printed as a hollow figure to illuminate it with LEDs and then I want to print a cookie cutter. Can any of you help me?
I'd really appreciate it!
best regards

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Weird spiral artifacts

by meltyman

I keep getting these weird spirals on small layers. I'm using S3D, and otherwise it's been a great product. Any settings I should test? I can post any relevant settings on request.

Example 1
Example 2
Example 3

The first 2 are with a coffee PLA that otherwise prints great. The third is a PLA+ that prints hotter. Any help will be greatly appreciated!!

SOLVED: Reverting to default settings and starting fresh was the key. I just tweaked retraction, height and speed to match Cura from the default high quality PLA settings in S3D and now the S3D is comparable if not better than the Cura one. Thanks all for the help and thanks to EdWorks for the suggestion. Now I'll be diffing and trying to figure out exactly why this was happening. I'll update this post if I figure out exactly what setting or settings it was.

Here's a diff of the 2 FFF profiles: https://pastebin.com/3CnYbx2E

monoprice_makerselect problem simplify3d Wanhao_Duplicator_I3
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