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CTC Bizer starting script

by B0n0_

Hi all.

Anyone have a modified/improved starting gcode for the CTC Bizer Dual?

I have no idea of editing gcode but i think that the starting gode of the makerbot desktop is better...

Thanks to all!


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Error creating support structures

by lc99

When i create support structure in simplify 3d i found some problem with the final result.

how can you see from the photos the support structure is not touching the structure of the model. how can fix this?

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Looking for Paid work

by UniverseDesigns

As i am in new in this group. I have an experience in designing. And i have my own company of Designing where we can do 3D Print, Development Design, Product Design, Industrial Design, 2D-3D Drawing, Drafting, etc.

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'Bad' layers in otherwise perfect prints: Prusa i3 mk3

by Niyada

Hey guys,
I have my prusa i3 mk3 kit for almost 2 months now and so far im quiet impressed with it.

But i have a problem with bad layers in otherwise perfect prints. (see pictures) I've updatet the firmware and tryed diffrent slicers.
S3D, Slic3r Prusa MK3 edition and Prusa Control. But it didn't help.
Maybe i need different slicer settings, but then again: the rest of the print is almost perfect, despite those layers.

The first prints were very small, so the issue was more unlikely to occur. But the I printed the first Biggest part of "Howl's moving castle" (see pricturees). So more layers mean a bigger probability of the bad layers.

Has anyone an idea what that could be and how to fix it?

Thank you in advance,


bad_layers extrusion ghosting inconsiten_extrusion issue MK3 problem prusa_i3_mk3 ringing
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Inventor does not recognize .x3g from Simplify3D

by revel8or

Hey all.

I'm new to S3D, so please forgive if this is obvious.

The .x3g dropdown has been selected, and S3D outputs both a .gcode and the appropriate .x3g file. I've used short file names, like "card" or "back." The Inventor does not recognize the .x3g file from S3D.

I can save it to HD and open it with FlashPrint. It displays like a file that has already been sliced, as it probably should.

Inventor recognizes .gcode file on the SD card, but it doesn't print correctly, as it shouldn't. It recognizes files that have been sliced with FlashPrint. I've tried new, identical SD cards 8gb, non fancy SanDisk, just like what came with the printer, reformatted them and been able to read FP sliced files with no problem from them. The .x3g file has been on the SD with other files that appear correctly on the Inventor control panel...

Should I be looking at a different file type for the Inventor as opposed to .x3g? I can't find any reference for it...

Thanks in advance for help!

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