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Any dual color wizards out there?

by Revamped_Outdoors

I just recently started trying dual colors. I have a 2-1 setup (1 nozzle two extruders), for some reason I am not getting good x and y adhesion between colors. I know this is hard to explain with words, but even the pictures don't make much sense. I'm trying to determine if this is normal and I should design around it or if it's part of my slicing settings.

What I am trying to describe is, if I have a two part model that I have sliced in two pieces as the two colors are laid down there some times is a gap in between colors on the x and y axis. When the model completes it is a solid model because the Z axis layers bond together, but this still leaves through gaps in the model because the two colors do not touch on the x and y. This occurs even on 100% infill.

I have tried to increase the following profile settings, increased infill %, increased extrusion multiplier, increased infill width, increase layer width. All of these do not seem to help the problem. I have also tried to slow down print speed and turn up nozzle temperature. I have also tried to increase and decrease the flow rate at the printer. Still the same result.

I have since had to modify the models to have a solid "core" with the second color "skin" on top to make sure there is a solid part in the center. I need no gaps because it needs to hold air pressure.

It seems the problem is amplified when printing with anything other than PLA, the attached pictures are with PETG

  • Pictures, one is a picture of the side profile with the gabs visible with light coming through. The other two pictures are the base of the print, one as the "skin" model and one as the two part model with the gaps.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! I just don't know why I can't get this figured out!

All the best,

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What's Next in 2019

by Dutchy_79

First thing first,

This is from the S3D newsletter and I'm not linked to them.


We have big plans for 2019! Our development team continues to incorporate many of your ideas into the future roadmap for Simplify3D. A new Version 4 update is already in progress to address many common requests. At the same time, we are investing heavily into the development of Version 5.0, which is set to be the biggest update in our company's history. Version 5.0 will incorporate changes to almost every facet of the product, allowing us to make major improvements to the software. We also want to inform our users that Version 5.0 will be our first paid software upgrade. Stay tuned for more information about the exciting new features and upgrade pricing later in the year as we get closer to the release of Version 5.0.

The Simplify3D team remains dedicated to our mission of providing you with outstanding tools and support that enable you to push the limits of additive manufacturing. We are extremely excited for what's coming next and we look forward to another innovative year in 2019!

~The Simplify3D Team

Now my personal opinion:
I will not spend money on the 5.# update if it doesn't contain something that I really need and can't be done with free slicers, I spent 150 already on it and I thought it would be lifetime updates, now they say it's lifetime license and only 1 year updates. After the first year you must pay for them.

The free slicers have come a long way and some passed the S3D mark in my opinion.

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Settings needed: avoid blobs on retraction

by Stevie2k

Hi all!

I am currently working on a coaster (no idea if it's correct english word, it's "Untersetzer" in german) with a maya on it for the birthday of my little one.
The last results are quite promising but I keep having one issue:

As you can see on the red surrounded areas in the attachment I have blobs where the black filament was retracted. The black PLA is not of very high quality (one of my first purchases of filament) and I know of limitations of the material...

But perhaps someone has an idea what I can change in simplify (ew setting? flow settings? speed settings? retract settings? anything?) to be able to

1) print really small parts "niceliy" like the nose or the top of the tentacle
2) remove blobs on retraction

I am currently printing on an ANET A8 direct drive printer.

As Ooze Control I disabled Coast and Wipe and enabled retraction (Distance 6mm, Speed: 60mm/s) and I am printing the black parts with ew 0.3 (nozzle 0.4), flow multiplier 0.8 and layer hight 0.1 at 20mm / s.

Any help would really be cool!

Anet_A8 blobs ooze retraction simplify3d
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Support issues.

by TheOnlyScout

I keep running into the same issues with supports and I've tried everything I can think of and I can't figure it out so if y'all can help me I would be beyond grateful.
Anytime I have an object that needs full supports I'm having trouble with the object warping up around the extruder and then the extruder hitting it. It's doing this with all but two filaments I have; one flex TPU and the super brittle one that came with the printer. At first, I thought it was an issue with the filament since the brittle one worked but I keep being told that it's an issue with the supports. I've changed temperatures, slowed it down, cooled more, cooled less, added supports, taken supports away, added dense support layers, told it not to travel over the object, just about everything I can think of and it hasn't changed.
What am I missing here?
I've been scouring support forums and haven't found anything quite like the issue I'm having.
I'm on a BIBO2 currently and I've posted this to that group, too, just in case it's printer specific. I know it's a bit of a niche printer; I just had to pick the project child for my first printer. Lol.

Fixed it by changing the outer layers to printing from the outside in instead of the inside out.

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Model is now translucent with Version 4.1.1

by Lycan004

Been a while since I used Simplify3D and just updated today to 4.1.1.
I had a feeling something would go wrongs as all software updates seem to do now a days.

My issue now is my model and build plate are translucent.... this makes it hard to tell what things really look like such as support pillars.
(see attached comparison screenshots)

I ran through all the settings to see if there was a new feature that could be changed but found nothing.

Anyone know how to fix this or set view to the old style?

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