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Using Open Source Filament In The DP200

by 762x51

Wonder why Sindoh doesn't sell a software upgrade to DP200 owners so they can use open source filaments and not have to buy closed source filaments? This question was asked Sindoh by Fabbaloo and you can read their reply here:


The DP200 and 3DWOX 1 use the same nozzle assembly, filament feeder, and filament holders so why do they say the DP200 filament feed is different than the 3DWOX 1?

Wonder why they will not offer a upgrade for the DP200?

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How is everyone liking their printer?

by jprzybylski

Hi all - I have a DP200. I'm liking it MOSTLY. I'm having a really hard time getting the ABS to print correctly using 3Dwox and I am having NO LUCK whatesoever getting Simplify3D to work. I cannot get a good first layer no matter how hard I try. When it works - it is GREAT. But I am having a hard time getting very delicate reliable prints like I used to get with my Monoprice Maker Ultimate.

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Newbie + new unit woes: loud clicks, 401 errors

by Jolly3D

Ok so I had to get some custom parts made that would have been about $125 a piece, and I needed 10 of them, and thought, hey, lets buy a printer and make em myself for as long as I need them. The reviews (including mine on Amazon) stated that the service support was great, so even tho there isn't a lot of info out there on Sindoh units, I thought I'd give it a shot.

The part I have to print is pretty big and boxy shaped so when something goes wrong, it is at the expense of about 8 hours of time and a lot of filament. At first it was all oooh and aaaahs. It seemed magical! Felt so smart. Did some parts in ABS, too, but immediately did have some severe warping issues. Again with their service help, I learned how to mitigate some of that, went back to PLA for a different part. After about 18 hours into printing (mostly with PLA at the "easy" setting), came some substantial clicking and grinding, stopping, and a 401 error.

I wrote the service desk and obediently followed all instructions (you won't hear back for 24 hours so any amount of back and forth will cost you a week.) Anyway after multiple tries to "clear" the clogged print head (yes you could see the plastic extruding), the thing still wouldn't print. Well, it would start printing normally, but after a few minutes the same clicking and grinding would ensue, and then would come that 401 error, and the thing would stop and attempt to clear itself.

In the meantime, I ordered another print head from Amazon, while Sindoh figured out what to do with me. I started using it, figuring that it wouldn't hurt to have an extra print head around, even If they were going to send me a replacement. They did send a replacement, which I stuck on a shelf.

So the printing continued, and things were going ok, although I still had some pretty spectacular fails. (I should start another thread, "Show us your massive plastic hairball!!). Buuuuuuut, just so happens that 20 some hours later, here comes the clicking and the grinding again. Wow. I still had to get all the parts made that I needed, so instead of fighting with the damn thing, I just put the replacement head they sent me in.

Nooooow, 24 hours into that comes the clicking and the grinding again. Damn, is this thing a lemon? I panic that my 30 day return window might be gone, and send off to Amazon requesting a return and replacement. They accepted my request and I am willing to give a second unit a try. I'll update this crowd with how that goes. I want to love this machine, I really do. When it works it is really quite impressive. But I gotta admit, its been a bit of a beotch. Anyone else have these problems or is it just me?

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Platform Cleaning and Bed Adheason

by Chedwards


My work got one of these on my suggestion over the summer and its been printing amazingly until last month when it started having bed adhesion problems. I'm used to dealing with PEI or glass build platforms and use PVA to get everything to stick better but don't have the most experience with the build tak surface. I've played around with just washing it with a little soap from what the manual said but I was wondering if PVA glue will cause any problems. Does anyone agree, disagree, or can suggest something else?

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Cartridges for sale


I have 4 empty SINDOH Cartridges for sale. Excellent shape. 30$ each which includes shipping. Sorry USA Only. All inquires email me at sales@unclemikesrocketshack.com

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