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Welome to the SketchUp group!

by TheNewHobbyist

This group is a place to discuss using Trimble SketchUp for 3D printing.

SketchUp Make can be downloaded for free here: http://www.sketchup.com/download

The Extension Warehouse and SketchUcation are great resources for SketchUp plugins and are worth checking out.

To get SketchUp working for 3D printing you'll likely want to start with this STL Import/Export plugin

Designing group

by Brodmann

I noticed there were many groups focused on just one type of designing program, and I wanted to make a group where anyone can discuss designing, no matter what they use. If a lot of experienced designers join this group, it can be a big help to beginners just learning the skill (not that I know much).

Here is the group: https://www.thingiverse.com/groups/designing-101

Thank you!

Rounding coordinates ruby script or Extension?

by CVMichael

I set the width of my part to 55 mm, then after hours of designing, I am starting to have problems with faces, making holes, etc... Then I check the width again (or other dimensions), and it gives me a width of 54.994463 mm and the other side of the part it gives me 54.998394 mm. No wonder I am having problems with faces, holes, etc...

Is there a way to loop through all the coordinates in the part, and round to nearest 3 decimals or even 0 decimals, and then I re-do the wholes or other things, but at least I will have good faces to work with

So, anything like that?

Printing with 3D Text

by 3DGD

When I insert 3d text into a simple model I am unable to export as a solid .stl file. I am using SketchUp 2017 (free version) with Solid Inspector 2. I have inserted the extruded text both positive and negative and it always tells me I have a "nested instance". Please advise other information you need to assist and i will provide. Thank's for any advise in advance.

Convert a Sketchup model to 3d Printing.

by SFernandez1974

Hi guys, I saw a lot of people converting sketchup model to 3d printing, it's hard to do? I want to learn how to do because will want to make a couple of nascar cars and looks great in sketchup!