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Welome to the SketchUp group!

by TheNewHobbyist

This group is a place to discuss using Trimble SketchUp for 3D printing.

SketchUp Make can be downloaded for free here: http://www.sketchup.com/download

The Extension Warehouse and SketchUcation are great resources for SketchUp plugins and are worth checking out.

To get SketchUp working for 3D printing you'll likely want to start with this STL Import/Export plugin

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Object dilate/contract

by dhscord

Does anyone know of any extension that can do 3d object dilation/contraction?

When I say dilation/contraction, I mean reducing (or expanding) the volume of an object but not just resizing it.

For example, imagine a U-shaped object that you wanted to fit inside another same-sized U-shaped object. Resizing the first U-shaped object would not allow it to fit with a uniform gap inside the second U-shaped object. Similarly, if you resize a 20mm x 10mm rectangle by 50% and put it inside the original object you would end up with gaps between the smaller and larger object of 5mm at the left and right side and 2.5mm at the top and bottom.

So, is there a way to change the size of the object where the overall shell is, say, 5mm smaller? Off the top of my head, this would be a move of each plane by 5mm in the direction of a line perpendicular to the plane.

What I am trying to do is deal with tolerances for 3d printed objects so that they can fit within another. My 3d printer needs around 0.15mm gap between two objects that I need to fit within each other. Simple objects can be resized (and retain the same distance around the object but more complex shapes take a lot of time to manually adjust faces by 0.15mm.

I was thinking of writing an extension but I’ve never done that before so thought I’d ask first.

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SketchUp for NC(G-Code)

by imaicom

Control machine tools with SketchUp.

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Cannot Get Two Solid Models to [Outer Shell] Into a Solid Model

by rebeltaz

I've been trying to use blender for modeling, but for functional, must-be-precise models, sketch-up works so much better. Except in this one area. I have a solid group - a cylinder on top of a cube. I have another solid group - a sphere. What I want to do, is to merge these two solid groups into a single, solid group. I have tried everything I can think of... I have tried scaling the model up 100x before running the [Outer Shell] command... I have tried creating the sphere using both the "circle / follow-me / circle" method as well through a plugin I found called, ironically enough, "Shapes"... I have tried moving the objects around in relation to one another... I have tried extending the cylinder further into the sphere as well as pulling it back as far as I can while still remaining fully within the sphere...

Nothing I do works. Every time I run the [Outer Shell] on these, I get a non-solid result with way too many errors (as reported by SolidInspector) for me to take care of manually. Can someone please take a look at this and tell me what I am doing wrong?

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SketchUp Plugins for 3D Printing

by TheNewHobbyist

SketchUp plugins can be pretty handy for making your 3D designs printable. What is everyone using on their installs?

My current must have plugins are:

CleanUp³ - Removes stray "orphaned" lines from your models. Great for finding those hard to find parts that are keeping your model from being a manifold mesh.

Weld - Turns multiple edges into a single polyline.

Solid Inspector - Helps you find issues with your models that are keeping it from being a manifold mesh.

Shell - Adds thickness to single walled models. Somewhat finicky but it can easier than modeling complex shells on existing objects.

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