Problem using Followme

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I've been trying to get the Followme tool to work to create a Chess set. I created a simple design as per the image but when I use the fllowme tool I end up with a weird object with holes. Please see the attached image below:

I have also attached the Sketchup 2018 file for anyone to open and see why this problem occurs.


Scale your model up by either 100 or (better yet) 1000 times and try it again. I have that problem quite often. Once you do the follow me, you can scale it back down. What I'll do is draw a line 10cm long (I work in cm). Then, using the measure tool, measure from one end of the line to the other. It will show 10 in the lower right hand corner. Type either 100 or 1000 there and hit enter. It will ask you if you want to scale the whole model. Tell it yes. Do your follow me. Then measure that same line and this time change it back to 10. That should work for you. If not, I'll try to help if I can.

Thanks for your reply. Scaling up by 1000 gave odd results. So I tried 100 and it works fine.

Another option which I've adopted is switch to architectural template with meters as your unit. Design everything in meters, but use mm sizes. So, if you want a 20mm circle, model it as "20" which will make it 20 meters - but when you export the STL, whatever imports it will assume millimeters and it'll work fine. Accomplishes the same thing as scaling it up 1000x and you never have to deal with actually scaling anything.

Same also applies when you import STL files - often small faces get dropped completely, which is annoying. Import into an architectural template and you'll have a nice, usable part.

SketchUp is great at many things, but really s*** at some others, this being one of them. Thankfully the workaround is easy.

cmh - thats a really valuable tip. My workflow to mod an STL is to import in metres and then scale down to mm. Many times I have problems with holes/faces. By using meters and exporting in model units I can avoid the scale down problems.

However I have found that in many complicated models, using the Sketchup addons and extensions when the model is in meters takes a much longer time, especially when there are a large number of triangles.

That is why my workflow to mod an STL includes scaling down to mm to avoid these long delays.
But I also found that using your workflow though it may take longer to render with addons, does not result with the usual holes.

I will have to retrain myself to use your workflow.

Thanks again.

Does it slow it down? Interesting, I haven't noticed that - I've noticed it's pretty bloody slow even with a pretty current macbook pro, but didn't realized it was the size of the model. Once again, that's something that just doesn't make much sense, like being unable to handle really small features.

Would be cool if you could just work a normal way and get good results, but that's what we've got to work with.