modifying STL

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I was wondering what you guys do to modify STL files in sketchup and if there are anyways to remove the useless lines all over the model

Hi look like this was answered pretty well but thought I'd add my two bobs worth. I use the exstention Solid Inspector² by ThomThom. Works pretty good in removing useless lines and also making things manifold.

Use Plugins to create a better .stl inside of SketchUp:
Cleanup3 (It can clean up the model, but save first because it can be heavy-handed)
Solid Inspector (It will highlight the problems in the model to make it solid)
SUsolid.com has the BEST repair features and is worth the money if you are doing many repairs in SketchUp. I recommend trying and then you will buy it!

You can use the cleanup plugin to get rid of the extraneous lines.

You can use this part to theorem wiring, fix up LED bar and etc..
And I tried to remove the useless lines when I export model to stl, but I could't find any solution. But I export model to skp file, the useless lines wasn't seen.

Hola, hay una opcion, en STL importer, que reduce la cantidad de líneas de forma considerable.

Thanks for that :-)

Gracias por el consejo práctico. Nunca había notado el botón de opciones antes. I hope Google Translate got this right "Thanks for the handy hint. I had never noticed the options button before."

You're welcome!

The top came out all jacked up because my printer decided to stop printing the body about 2/3 the way through the print. I did what I could to print just the top half and glued it on. It looks like I was a layer or two off. I was pretty determined to get it to work so I could finish this one off because I really liked the model. I learned a whole heck of a lot about my Replicator 2 during this print and build.