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8.8 - DIY Laser Module

by SnapmakerInc


  • There are lots of makers who want to customize a Snapmaker Laser Module. And Snapmaker could do that, since Snapmaker can make 3D prints and mill PCB. In this tutorial, I will be making a demonstration -- How to make a custom Snapmaker Laser Module

Score : 8.8

  • Time: 6
  • Difficulty to Gain Materials: 10
  • Complexity: 10
  • Postprocessing: 8
  • Knowledge Required: 10

Work flow: https://www.instructables.com/id/SnapmakerDIY-Laser-Module/
Download: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2894529

「Snapmaker」DIY Laser Module
cnc_mill cnc_milling Layout mill Mill_PCB Snapmaker
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4 - Customized Stamp

by SnapmakerInc


  • In the United States, greetings cards are frequently used in daily life. The number of greetings cards sold in America reaches up to 6.5 billion annually. Except for cards for the Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, greetings cards about daily theme take up more than half of the annual sales.Usually we send the greetings cards to express our love to our family members, lover, friends on special days. If we can make a greetings card instead of buying one, the one we care about will definitely feel our love. Imagine that we use the customized stamp to imprint the exclusive images on the greetings card. It will be so lovely and touching.

Score : 4

  • Time: 4
  • Difficulty to Gain Materials: 6
  • Complexity: 2
  • Postprocessing: 2
  • Knowledge Required: 6

Work flow: https://www.instructables.com/id/SnapmakerCustom-Stamp/
Download: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2829226

「Snapmaker」Customized Stamp
Customized stamp Laser Snapmaker Stamp
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by KateiRen

Hi Snapmakers!
I wonder if any of you sucessfully use slic3r instead of Cura/Simplify3D or Snapmaker3D.
It would be great if anybody of you was able to reproduce the original SnapMaker3D settings for Fast/Norn/HighQuality as a starting point.

I love the ability to store the config on a network share, having seperate configs for printer, filament and print as well as directly printing to OctoPrint.
However I seem to struggle with the many settings so far and get rather random results.

Anybody has some settings to share?`

Thx & BR

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by thijsmaat

some people know how it can happen that filament does not come in / out of the printer and how to solve it


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Filament winding around the driver gear?

by Jmd3

Has anyone had this problem? I have had the snapmaker for a long time. I have one of the Limited ones. #104/200 . Just this I had to take the print module completely apart. The Filament was wrapped around the driver gear? it jammed and the motor got so hot I almost burned my hand.
I attached 2 photos.. 1 shows the Filament problem. the other shows a plastic spacer that came out snapped. I glued it together and re-installed it. I am going to print a replacement for it. I am wondering if anyone has had this filament issue.

Let me add that this has happened not at the beginning of a print but 2 or 3 hours into a print that was working perfectly. Both times the print started fine but a few hours in I would find it not printing but still moving.. and super hot the motor was trying to move but it was jammed,.


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