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Solidoodle lubrication

by thistof

So my solidoodle 4 has begun choking up on the x axis while printing. I'm figuring maybe it's time to lubricate? Or could it be something else?

From what I can gather it was originally lubricated with lithium grease. I only have silicone lubricant spray on hand. Would it be disastrous to use that instead? (possibly mixing the two, based on the residue of lithium grease still in my linear bearings)

Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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New Press

by Evildave

Just got my Press last week, been printing little rocket toys.
I think mine is a 2nd run because some of the errors on the forums have obviously been addressed. There is a spring to keep the umbilical cord out of the way...it failed miserably and I actually have two pieces of elastic that keep it out of the way at all times. I also noticed the cord getting caught on the plastic structure of the case when it would go all the way to the right and try to go back so I trimmed the plastic. That seems to have solved all of those problems. I also don't have much trouble with the extruder (yet).

The next problem to solve is the slicer. Slic3r just screws up a lot of models and adds "seams" to the ones it does do. Any suggestions on how to set up and use Cura for a beginner would be much appreciated.

Last problem, I've been using ABS, works great until it gets above 2 inches from the bed, ambient temperature isn't enough and I get separation and sloppy layers. Thinking of changing to PLA after this roll. Anything I should look out for? Settings?

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Anticipating Problems

by H_Alex

I have a Press on order, arriving in ~2 weeks, and I've heard mixed reviews. Heck, some people have recommended canceling my order with how bad their Presses have been. What problems and fixes should I prepare for?

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flexible fliaments

by ekul3e3

Would someone be able to come up with a 3d printable solution to flexible filaments for the press?

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