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How to get Solidworks for low price

by noodlesman222

I am 13 so I don't have enough money to buy Solidworks but I have used it in classes and love it. If anyone can get a discount or something I would love if you could help me out.

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Solidworks Proffesional Certification

by CasperJensen

I have earned my CSWA and looking to earn my CSWP. Is there anyone or anyone you guys know who has already earned it. I am looking for a mentor/tutor to teach me what I need to know for the CSWP alot of the YT videos I've found haven't been much help.

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Solidworks Substitute? And CSWP

by CasperJensen

So last year I earned my CSWA-Academic. First, what is the difference between CSWA and CSWA-Academic?
Second, does anyone have any files for me to practice with for the CSWP or the files from the test?
Third, I LOVE solid-works because I can get really exact tools but that's also a problem I want to make toys so is there a way to make toys on solidworks or is there a substitute to solid-works that you use to make toys?

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Solidworks 2018 SP4 Premium

by Dany73Ignacio

Private messages if you are interested

solidworks solidworks_2018
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Dratini Model

by dlayman_

Hey everyone! Just finished this Dratini model. I've been modeling organic shaped, Pokemon models to push the boundaries of organic modeling within Solidworks.

Hoping if anybody gets a chance that they could print it and see how things go!

Thanks for checking it out!


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