How to get Solidworks for low price

by noodlesman222

I am 13 so I don't have enough money to buy Solidworks but I have used it in classes and love it. If anyone can get a discount or something I would love if you could help me out.

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Solidworks Proffesional Certification

by CasperJensen

I have earned my CSWA and looking to earn my CSWP. Is there anyone or anyone you guys know who has already earned it. I am looking for a mentor/tutor to teach me what I need to know for the CSWP alot of the YT videos I've found haven't been much help.

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Solidworks Substitute? And CSWP

by CasperJensen

So last year I earned my CSWA-Academic. First, what is the difference between CSWA and CSWA-Academic?
Second, does anyone have any files for me to practice with for the CSWP or the files from the test?
Third, I LOVE solid-works because I can get really exact tools but that's also a problem I want to make toys so is there a way to make toys on solidworks or is there a substitute to solid-works that you use to make toys?

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Solidworks 2018 SP4 Premium

by Dany73Ignacio

Private messages if you are interested

solidworks solidworks_2018
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Dratini Model

by dlayman_

Hey everyone! Just finished this Dratini model. I've been modeling organic shaped, Pokemon models to push the boundaries of organic modeling within Solidworks.

Hoping if anybody gets a chance that they could print it and see how things go!

Thanks for checking it out!


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Gengar and Magikarp

by dlayman_

I wanted to do some Pokemon that I particularly like myself. Gengar because he is one of the most badass Pokemon of the 1st gen, and Magikarp, solely based on the fact that I can't wait to do Gyrados!



Gengar Magikarp pokemon pokemon_figures Pokemon_Go pokemon_toy
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Snorlax Print

by dlayman_

Here is my new Snorlax model, done in Solidworks. I'm still trying to push the boundaries of organic modeling within Soldiworks. Super happy with how it turned out, although it took way longer than I was expecting.

Just wandering if people could print him and let me know how everything goes!


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SolidWorks to OBJ


Hey guys,
I am wanting to get my solidworks files to an obj file with full color to be able to 3D print with. Since the solidworks I have does not have the Scanto3D add-in, I cannot get my files to an obj that way. I have tried using other software to get an obj file, but there was no color on the model when I opened it.

Was wondering if anyone has an ideas on how to possibly get it work?

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Looking for someone to help drafting a 3d model

by jone886

Hi Guys, i was wondering if someone can do a reprap of Belkin Powerhouse docking station for iphone 6 plus? Thanks. I've tried other existing thingiverse model, but they all suitable for iphone without case.

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