How to get Solidworks for low price


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I am 13 so I don't have enough money to buy Solidworks but I have used it in classes and love it. If anyone can get a discount or something I would love if you could help me out.

You can try www.onshape.com is something similar running only from the browser. The downside is that for the free use, all your designs are public!

Ask your school if they have download codes at my school SW gives codes to all the Engineering students for a free download (this is HS)

I joined Experimental Aircraft Association as noted below and have been a member for over 2 years and its awesome price for SW 2019/2020

Private messages if you are interested in Solidworks 2018 PREMIUM SP4.0

If you join the Experimental Aircraft Association (https://www.eaa.org) for 40 USD per year you get access to a valid SolidWorks student license. More information here: https://www.eaa.org/eaa/eaa-membership/eaa-member-benefits

^This is true. It's the same educational license that they give us for our Solidworks required classes.
I strongly recommend the EAA membership to ANYONE. Additionally it grants free admission to museums & other sites with the ASTC program.

I ran in to this problem too and just switched to fusion 360 it's about the same controllers and it's free for students.

Try out the quite capable Designspark Mechanical. It doesn't have the analysis tools but for modelling and prototyping it's very good. IMO much better then Autodesk 3D Fusion.

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