Solidworks Substitute? And CSWP

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So last year I earned my CSWA-Academic. First, what is the difference between CSWA and CSWA-Academic?
Second, does anyone have any files for me to practice with for the CSWP or the files from the test?
Third, I LOVE solid-works because I can get really exact tools but that's also a problem I want to make toys so is there a way to make toys on solidworks or is there a substitute to solid-works that you use to make toys?

I found that organic shapes are fairly easy to model in solid-works using multiple planes and the loft tool. You can search on youtube for a tutorial using the loft tool to create a toy / jewelry model shark which I found helpful a while back.
I use a combination of solidworks and meshmixer (and sometimes tilt-brush and blender) to make my models. I make the general shape using surfaces and lofts in solidworks, and then refine it using all the sculpt tools in meshmixer or blender. I break the model down to as many simple shapes as possible, and then assemble it all later, throwing the files back and forth between programs.

Fusion360 has the ability to work with meshes and normal CAD all in one program, and is free for non commercial use. I found that it is relatively easy to pick up coming from solidworks, however, I do still prefer solidworks for basic CAD.
Fusion to me is more so an alternative ill be forced to use when my solidworks academic version expires, but it is definitely very capable. They just call some things different names and have a different program layout.

Totally agreed. Fusion 360 is also heavier in graphic card requirement. I can use SolidWorks easily with the integrated graphics of Intel (the GPU from the i7). This is a recent thing I have made using that loft tool: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4038275

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