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Survey Questions on Settings.

by Paulbert

Just a couple questions for the SolveSpace users here.

1) What version of SolveSpace do you use? i.e. 2.x or latest build from github source, or something else?

2) What chord tolerance setting do you typically use?

3) What max segments setting do you use?

4) Do you feel you've compromised performance and visual quality with those settings?

5) How old is the computer you run SolveSpace on?

I ask because I recently submitted a PR to change the default values for these settings. My goal is to find values that are acceptable to a large number of people so they don't have to change these until they're doing something more unusual. This is not about the export settings, but feel free to comment on those too - just specify if that's what you're talking about.

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SolveSpace Videos

by Paulbert

Links to collections of SolveSpace videos:

Tutorials (by Eric Buijs)


CAD Challenges (by Eric Buijs):


There are plenty more on YouTube but these are larger collections. Feel free to share more video resources.

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