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We are Moving!

by nosrev


Hey guys,
its Fabian, the guy who created this Thingiverse Group. As Thingiverse is more or less restricted in using it as a Forum and since another great community member (called Drayer) directly gave me full permissions to his newly created Forum, I am happy to announce that we are going to move from Thingiverse to there soon! I am not going to delete any stuff here, but all new stuff will be posted there. Also i will make sure to copy old important threads over here and try to cross-link all information.

Join our journey and help us too improve our Forum: http://sparkmaker.freeforums.net/thread/2/welcome

forum moving sparkmaker
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Quick Setup

by nosrev

1) How to print

1.1) How to set up SD Card?

  • get an FAT32 formated SD Card (some SD Cards may not work, if so try another one)
  • Option 1 (pre-scliced .wow File)
    -- get a pre-sliced (.wow) File (can't recomment current WOW! Files - too low cure time)
    -- rename the (.wow) File to "print.wow" and put it on your SD Card
  • Option 2
    -- start SparkStudio (with administrator privileges)
    -- import an .STL File (.wow Files currently can not be imported - these are pre-sliced binaries)
    --- example STL-File: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2795935
    --- design an STL-File yourself using 3D modelling tool (e.g. https://www.tinkercad.com/ - no download needed and very simple to use)
    -- select your position, size, etc..
    -- press slice
    -- chose your resin and layer hight
    -- press slice
    -- save file to your SD Card

1.2) Optional modifications (recommended)

1.3) Resin Disclaimer and VAT

1.4) How to use printer?

  • Remove foam from vat
  • Loosen all 4 hex screws on the side of the build plate to calibrate (use the hex key provided)
  • Turn knob Clockwise to move the build plate down towards the vat
  • Once build plate is on the vat tank, hold the build plate down & tighten the hex screws

1.5) How to print?

  • Turn knob Anti-Clockwise to move the build plate up away from the vat
  • Shake resin bottle well and pour Resin into vat
  • Fill about ⅓ of resin into the vat (6 to 7mm based on official information)
  • Insert SD card into SD card reader (Shiny contact point facing up)
  • After inserting SD card into SD card reader, press button once to start print
  • To stop, press and hold the button till it turns [green?] blue [is for pause?]
  • Once Blue, release and button light will turn to Green

1.6) Indication light reference:

  • Steady Green light - Ready
  • Steady Red - Processing
  • Blinking Red - Printing / UV exposing
  • Steady Blue - Stop/pause/done

1.7) How to remove print and clean?

  • Once done, unscrew top knob for build plate to remove build plate from printer
  • Carefully drip resin on build plate back to the vat
  • Use a trowel to remove the print
  • Use Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) to clean resin. Soap and water will NOT work.
  • Try not to scratch the screen in the vat as it will affect print!

1.8) How to Update Firmware? (optional)

Source: Unofficial Manual (see additional links)

2) Additional Information

2.1) Additional Links:

2.2) Additional Tips/Known Bugs:

3) Forum Contents

Eiffel Tower by Pranav Panchal
by nosrev
Sparkmaker Replacement Leadscrew nut
by sacy
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by nosrev

Solid Resin
Cured solid resin can be disposed of in the trash.

Liquid Resin
WARNING When handling resin wear protective gloves/protective clothing/eye protection/face protection
Uncured liquid resin must be disposed of according to local regulations. In some jurisdictions, e.g., California, it is classified as hazardous waste. Contact your local municipal waste system for guidance on proper disposal.


If you cure liquid resin before disposal you can dispose of it in the trash. To do this, pour the resin into a transparent plastic bag and leave it out in the sun for a week or so. Exposure to the sunlight will cure and harden the resin, at which point, you can safely dispose of it in the trash.

Source: https://support.ember.autodesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/210387627-How-can-I-dispose-of-resin-

Disposal resin
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Bizarre software? issue

by DominicMann

So this is going to be a long one to explain what is wrong, what I've tried, and my thought processes. Basically a while ago my printer just kind of stopped working. I had a good few moths with it printing just fine then one day nothing. Well, nothing isn't quite right. I just got 1 layer of full exposure, a rectangle the size of the print bed. I thought maybe the screen was broken or loose so i took it apart, inspected everything, and put it back. Everything looked right. This combined with the fact that no matter how tall the print I put in is I only get one layer of print makes me think it's software. I have so far re flashed firmware, reformatted my sd card (which I know works on a different printer), and tried 2 different slicers (chitubox and the default sparkmaker one) None of these worked, I still get a full exposure with no masking form the lcd. It doesn't looked cracked and I'mm 99% sure it's plugged in since I did it myself and even if i messed up it was plugged in at one points since it worked for a while. I csn't think of anything else, hence why I'm here. Thanks

Debugging error not printing printing troubleshooting used to work
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