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Enterprise NX-01

by laurentba

for a 1/100 miniatures game project, I am looking for models to embellish the game table. items compatible with the STARTREK ENTERPRISE series.

do you know where i can find:
-shuttle pod
-pod inspection
-escape pod

as well as elements inside the vessel.

thank you all

long life and prosperity

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Star Trek: Online ships

by Hydrate_or_Diedrate

I'm trying to find a 3D model of the Excalibur class. I don't want to get the custom prints that ARC offer because I want to be able to light up the model. Can anyone help me?

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Steamrunner class

by Thanos_of_MW

No love for this starship class? I searched the site and came out empty :(

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Dustbuster phaser

by xombygod

does anyone have a good file for this phaser?I have only found one on thingiverse and it is not good. Any help will be appreciated.

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Discovery USS Enterprise

by BattleBear

There was a model posted a while back of the USS Enterprise as seen in Star Trek Discovery. It disappeared. Does anyone know where I can find it?

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