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Marauder Mo

by mskogly

Looking for 3d-models for the Marauder Mo action figures :)

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Uss Achilles

by Tobz

Hi , wondering if anyone has a model/ stl file of the USS Achilles

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Discovery communicator

by BattleBear

I am not a good modeler, and am always impressed by what those who are do! I made a Discovery phaser pistol and really really want a matching communicator. Is anyone up to the challenge?

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OSX Tricorder

by Garbs001

Has anyone been able to make a good version of the OSX Tricorder from Voyager endgame?

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24th Century Engineering Tools

by BiancaW

Okay everyone, here goes;

I'm starting a multi-object project to replicate a Starfleet engineering tool kit. Specifically, I'm making these all for use in fan productions, but build em how you want to: paper models, 3D print, etc.

Pictures or it didn't happen. :D


Star Trek Engineering Tool Kit
by BiancaW
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