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Dustbuster phaser

by xombygod

does anyone have a good file for this phaser?I have only found one on thingiverse and it is not good. Any help will be appreciated.

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Discovery USS Enterprise

by BattleBear

There was a model posted a while back of the USS Enterprise as seen in Star Trek Discovery. It disappeared. Does anyone know where I can find it?

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No Picard Phaser rifle?

by psessum

I'm surprised no one has made the phaser rifle (photon rifle?) that Seven of Nine used in Star Trek Picard. If anyone knows of one, I would like to print one.

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Steamrunner class

by Thanos_of_MW

No love for this starship class? I searched the site and came out empty :(

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Outerworld: 3d printable Support-Free Sci-Fi miniatures

by rocketpiggames

I thought you guys might be interested in this Patreon going LIVE soon.

  • There will be Several Tiers (including a Merchant Tier)
  • 3.5/Starfinder Entry Sheet for each unique creature/mini
  • Patron-Perks (40% discount codes) for our store.

Join our FB to get a heads up on it:

Launching in next week!

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