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Help required/asked

by Darkknight24

Could some of you nice people test and 3d print my star wars models and give me tips on what to fix about them?

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Idea suggestions

by Darkknight24

What are some things you would like me to 3d design that is star wars related?

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Star Wars Monorail

by producer_shawn

Hey Guys, I just got into 3d printing and modeling this week. I really wanted a Star wars Train for my table so I have spent the last week learning 3d modeling. I present to you my first complete work. The Monorail. Its not perfect I am sure I will continue to improve on it but I want to share it because i think its table top ready.

I have The Loco, Passenger Car, Freight Car, Gun Car, Chem Cars done. Let me know if you have an idea for a car or loco I would love to hear them.


Sci-Fi Monorail Train - 15mm or 28mm - 40k - Star Wars Legion - Battletech
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Hey guys, new here! Busts suggestions?

by 3djourney

I just finished my Leia bust the other day, which I posted here, and I was hoping to get some suggestions on who I should model next.

It seems Han Solo has already been done a number of time. Possibly a new character from any upcoming Star Wars movies?

Thanks in advance

bust character model sculpture star wars
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Could someone with an SLA printer try to print my latest design.

by jeanpatrickleger

Hi All.
I spent the last week designing a ship customization for the "Star Wars the Miniature game", but i cannot print it with my terribly cheap FDM printer. I found myself quite "passionate" about recreating these ships from pictures and artworks found here and there and i would certainly invest into an SLA printer if my designs turn to be printable. So i have this TIE Striker 3D Model i'd like a SLA owner to print to the game format ( the whole piece is only 6.3 cm long )

Would someone be interested into testing it ?



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