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Opinion poll for "Bearsloth" Ugly fighter

by Tse_Tso

I would like to ask here the more experienced players, what do you think of my design, and it's cover story.
Is it overpowered?
Are you wishing to play with it?


I was watching this series of videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-K1sIVlM25c

I think it can easily replace the Y-Wing squadrons. What do you think?

Star Wars - Tie-Wing Heavy bomber "Bearsloth" Ugly - Remix
by Tse_Tso
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Legacy Millennium falcon Smuggler covers & Jedi Training Ball

by vwcranky

Looking for a few STL parts to complete my Legacy Millennium falcon ...

  • Both Smuggler covers
  • Jedi Training Ball with arm
    these will be bring the project to an end :)
    thanking you in advance
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Hasbro republic gunship parts?

by ifgshooter

Greetings makers.

Does anyone have files for replacement parts for the Hasbro Star Wars republic gunship (LAAT). I can't find any stl files for this particular ship. I hate having to purchase replacement parts from Ebay when I can print my own. Any help would be appreciated.

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Princess Leia ( Carrie Fisher ) Bust

by vwcranky

Hi I'm looking for the Princess Leia ( Carrie Fisher ) Bust.
The STL file was on here for free some time ago, If anyone still has it could send it to me.

Here is a Pic of the one I'm looking for .....

Thanking you in advance

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Who would be interested in a better Version of my Razor Crest?

by Fine_Engineer


I´m thinking About some modifications:

  • 20% bigger size
  • better (larger) retractable Landing gear
  • Details on the inside, including a smal ´lSleep compatment under the Cockpit.
  • optimized shape (I find the back side of the wings a Little too bulky.
  • adding space for LEDs and batteries.
Razor Crest The Mandalorian Screen accurate
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