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Tevo Tornado

by redstonemakes

Does anybody here own a tevo tornado? If so, Is it a good 3d printer? (I am talking about the 2018 Gold version) Very Interested in possibly getting one soon.

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Does anyone want a Han Solo Keychain with their name on it?

by Bob963

I am making a Han Solo Keychain, you can check my account and see the My name on it and decide. Just type the name out on this post.

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Stormtrooper armor

by impirecontractor

Does anyone have a decent stormtrooper full size armor file? Also is anyone working on a patrol trooper by chance?

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New and Looking for a Great, budget 3D Printer.

by VanderMon

hello, I am new to 3D printing and wanted to see what would be the best 3D printer that would be in reason to start with? Keep in mind, I would want to move to a larger/more advanced printer, once my skill set and knowledge grew. My budget for the printer, I was thinking about 800.00 to 1000.00. Any ideas and I LOVE Start Wars, so I would like to print the Falcon, Tie, and a Few other pieces, that are not super small.

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My new group! Battlefront!

by PloBoom

I created a new group, for the video game battlefront! I am hoping that anyone who enjoys battlefront could joy in on the group! thank you for joining! https://www.thingiverse.com/groups/battlefront

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