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Creating HK-47

by randylahey

I'd love to print a HK-47 from kotor game series. Been searching, found nothing, but a guy who extracted the 3D model from the game to convert it into a printable file, but he never cotinued the story.

I see several T3-M4, but, has everybody forgotten about the good old HK-47?

If I had the skills, i'll do it myself.

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Idea suggestions

by Darkknight24

What are some things you would like me to 3d design that is star wars related?

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3D modeling helper

by RC113

Hey everyone! I am a 3D printing and modeling service and I am here to lend hand to anyone who wants anything modelled let me know! This is on eof my designs.

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Star wars minitures for a baby mobile

by Nokesy

Hi Guys and gals obvs..

Can you help me out with a little project, my older bruv is just about to have his first son, big woop and he is a bit of a geek (love him) but I was wondering if anyone out there has ever put together a Start wars baby mobile? Or even just some minitures that I could print out and attach? Any idea would be awesomely welcome, maybe a death star as the top with spokes out to hold say x wing, falcon, etc etc..


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Need Some Help. T3 Droid.

by Dingham

Hi folks,

I hate asking for help but I have to admit I am awful at 3D Design work but I have a desire to make a droid; T3-M4.

I've been think about making a Droid for about 6 months now and I know there is plenty out there to make an R2-D2, BB8 or even a C1-10P. But I don't want any of them if i'm honest. I have my heart set on T3.

I'm looking to see in there are any individuals that would be interested in joining in in designing a full scale T3-M4 Droid much like the R2-D2 project. I am happy to do the building, testing ...etc this will be a long term project so I am looking for some fellow revanites that wants to help bring an old friend back from the past.

I know it's a big ask specially as I haven't been interacted with this group yet but I've found member of thingiverse really great so far so I thought I would take the leap and ask.

In the interest of full transparency: I am new to 3D Printing but hooked beyond belief. I'm a programmer by trade not an engineer. I can't really offer much other than passion, desire and time. I'm also in the UK, others from the UK would be of benefit but I am will to accept charity from anyone, anywhere.

So, how about it? Anyone crazy enough to accept my meager offer and do something that (as far as I'm aware) is unique.

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