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Vader Bust

by NextGenDesign

There aren't many impressive Vader busts. There used to be one called the "Sith Lord Bust", but it was taken down for some reason. Has anybody known of any or could do a scan? Thanks

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Suggestion for a new design

by NextGenDesign

Has anybody here ever considered making a Jar Jar Binks bust? I may be wrong, but I don't think I have ever seen one. Thanks!

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Star Wars Legion Command Tokens

by Fantasize

Anybody in here that could make the command tokens from the Star Wars Legion game ?

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X-Wing Cockpit detail

by Simhopp


I finally decided to tackle the Cockpit detail for 1/24th scale X-Wing Fighter model.
I have already added significant detail, but for some areas, it is rather difficult to find reference photos.

I'm trying to make it similar to episode 4 Luke's X-Wing.
because there are a lot of variation even among episode 4 X-wing cockpits piloted by other characters.
and episode 5 Luke's X-wing cockpit looks very different from episode 4.

any one know of any reference photo archives?
not of the Studio Scale models, but form life scale set props.


Cockpit and Pilot for X Wing
by Simhopp
1:24 scale X Wing
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by maverickmal

Hi all,

Is it just me or is there a distinct lack of Boba Fet wearables at the minute? I have set myself a challenge to print and paint as many wearable Helmets from the Star Wars Universe for a display i have planned and can't find a standard BF helmet for print

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