Commander Cody - Order 66

by JRSchofield

Hey everyone. I have been trying to locate an STL file to print a Commander Cody bust for when he is receiving Order 66th. Does anyone know where I may be able to locate one? Something similar to the picture below. Thank you.

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Remix of a blaster design that's no longer available?

by DarkTerritory

Hi Folks

A year or so ago I found a nice blaster design on Thingiverse called (I think) a Savage K6. Design was based on a pre-1900 revolver which really appealed to me. I printed one, then made some changes to it and printed that, came out awesome IMHO. I wanted to post a remix to honor the designer, but I see now that the original design, and the author/artist is no longer on Thingiverse.

What are the ethics here of reposting a design where 80% of it was someone else's work that I'd be copying after making some relatively minor changes? I don't mean legally, I'm sure that under the license it's not forbidden, but I feel kinda bad about re-uploading that person's work if they chose to leave the platform? I have searched on some other sites to see if it was re-uploaded anywhere but I've never seen it again.

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Four sages of dwartii

by larner

I was just wondering if anybody had a file for the four sages of dwartii witch are the statues that can be seen in emperor palpatine office as well as many other places.I have been unable to find a file for printing.I know there as some made by Disney sold in the Disney parks but they are expensive and hard to get a hold of for me.Maybe some one already has them and could scan them in ??

clone_wars disney Emperor_Palpatine star_wars statue
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by vwcranky

Hi all ...
I manage a few FB Groups successfully - and have decided to make a new group - STARS WARS TOY RESTORATION https://www.facebook.com/groups/362593798176922/

"You had that Old STAR WARS TOY sitting in the back of the cupboard / loft or in the shed because you fell out of love with it, because as a child you broke it, lost parts to it ......"

The Ethos of the group to help each other with ..
Finding links parts.
Direct members to FREE STL files
Direct members to REASONABLE priced STL files.
Helping other's by 3D Printing part(s) for reasonable price or trade.
Designer's can offer Bespoke designs.

This is not a site to promote your Business Page by any means
It has been started and I making sure I have all the bases sorted ... i know this will be a low member group but if you want to come and join by means come and have a look ....

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Millennium Falcon Legacy ... replacement parts ?

by vwcranky

Been looking for replacement parts for my Millennium Falcon Legacy to 3D print ...
ie - front mounted Gun - Training ball and arm - smugglers covers - landing gear - blaster barrels .. ect

does anyone have any links or or files to share ..!

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Kylo Mask

by Evan_Boosh

Does anyone have a wearable Kylo mask file?

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About Y-Wing Bomber Bomb

by Tse_Tso

Hi, did somebody managed to download this design? Please share it. It is 404 now, I don't know maybe the upload went wrong.



Y-Wing Bomber Bomb
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Opinion poll for "Bearsloth" Ugly fighter

by Tse_Tso

I would like to ask here the more experienced players, what do you think of my design, and it's cover story.
Is it overpowered?
Are you wishing to play with it?


I was watching this series of videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-K1sIVlM25c

I think it can easily replace the Y-Wing squadrons. What do you think?

Star Wars - Tie-Wing Heavy bomber "Bearsloth" Ugly - Remix
by Tse_Tso
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Legacy Millennium falcon Smuggler covers & Jedi Training Ball

by vwcranky

Looking for a few STL parts to complete my Legacy Millennium falcon ...

  • Both Smuggler covers
  • Jedi Training Ball with arm
    these will be bring the project to an end :)
    thanking you in advance
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