Cool star wars toys

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Hi all,

I started printing some super fun toys based on star wars characters. They are designed by Aitor Baltziskueta, he is very talented and uploads new figures regularly.
They can be found on his page on Myminifactory.

Very nice little set! I'll have to print those.

He also designed some others (kylo ren with mask and cloak), can be found on his Pinshape page : Getxoblues

OOOOOooooh, I'll have to have a closer looksy <3

They are pretty cool thanks for sharing, but if your looking for printing the actual star wars characters, check out some of my files, Cheers Jace

Now that I didn't know, I just assumed you made awesome cosplay items. And I was gunna go to bed..... meh, sleep is over-rated.