scout trooper eye piece

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hey guys i was wanting make a scout trooper helmet https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1937590 and i was wondering how i could make it so i could see through the eye piece any one with experience in making masks that knows how to make a lens for it that's dark enough but one that i can still see through, help is greatly appreciated thanks in advance

Star Wars Scout Trooper Helmet

As other's have said, the best option is plastic for a welder's mask. The material is made of acetate and can be heated in boiling water to make it easily form-able (probably not necessary for a biker scout helmet).

Clear acrylic sheets from Home depot and limo tint from Walmart for me. Came out great. You can heat the acrylic and shape it and you can buy pretty small pre-cut pieces.

I used transparent bottles and a marker for my jango fett hemet and that works good.

im currently making to ordinary trooper helmet and have the same problem what I'm doing is having a small camera on hidden in an arm ive made and having a screen inside I hope this helps

ive thought about doing this. what screen/glasses are you using? i was thinking of using glasses for more difficult helmets.

Go to your local air gas or other welding supply shop. You can buy pre tinted lenses of differing darknesses that you can cut to shape with scissors.

you could cut a bottle and spray it with niteshade

You could buy a thin piece of dark perspex from your local hardware store or even a plasics shops sell it two.

I have in the past taken the plastic out of a toy box and covered it the same material you darken windows on a car.
had some left over once. But it was a little on the bubly side but worked fro what i needed at the time.

Just a couple of siggestions Cheers Jace

these are very helpful thank you i will try both of these.

is perspex a brand or a type of plastic?

I believe its a type of plastic as here in NZ I also get a lot from these guys for vac forming and all sorts of stuff

Hips, ABS, Acrylic Plexi Glass and perspex and a hole heap more ; )

thanks a bunch this is exactly what i need:)

looks like there is any motocross/snowboard google embedded. You might just find the right ones where the visibility is blocked from the front and dark colored.

I used the plastic from welder’s shields for mine. A green tint for my stormtrooper, and grey for my Biker Scout and Boba Fett helmets.