tie pilot armor

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does anyone have the files for a tie pilot chest and back armor that is already sliced for smaller printers?

Im finish work on ANH Tie Pilot chestbox. Want to found tie pilot chest and back armor.

Yep I have those nearly done ; )

You modeling chest and back armor? Or take it from game?(((

I believe its from the game

I appreciate you doing it Jace. I have a portumic 4 piece darth vader reveal helmet im trying to find someone to 3D scan into a STL file. But everyone ive found that will do it want almost 800 dollars to do it.

I've been mucking round with scanning at home using the Xbox 360 and or 4k Samsung S8 camera plus some software and have had some really good results. Still lots to learn, but yea that sounds a bit expensive : ) The machine must be worth a fortune to do it ; )

I've one in the pipe line, but I havent finished it as yet sorry! Hope to upload soon, just trying to find the time to finish it, Cheers Jace

thanks, ill be looking for it when you do. just to clarify i want the OT version, not TFA version.