Disney taking down Star Wars contents?

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These R2-D2 Models are blocked and shows Claimed Intellectual Property Infringement warning.



Not terribly surprising.

Well poo, I was looking for the most accurate version, I got lazy and said I would come back to this, I should have downloaded the files, lesson learned. Anyone have a great copy? LOL

If you want an accurate model, check out this guy's Patreon page - https://www.patreon.com/mrbaddeley

I have a copy of the 2290050 model if you want it, but I didn't download the first one.

Old news, this has been going on for a while now with star wars models.


It could be that these designs were stolen from other designers elsewhere on the web. That happens a lot. I've seen stuff in here that's been shamelessly nicked on other sites, and I've seen my own designs displayed by some n00b taking credit for my work on other websites. I've gone after people nicking my designs through intellectual property infringement and had the designs removed. I may publish under an open license, but it's still my work, and I want credit for it even if I don't want money.

... and this is the reason that I download models to my own hard drive when I see something I like instead of trusting that it will remain active "in the cloud" indefinitely.

They can't sell R2-D2 toys if people are making them.