New and Looking for a Great, budget 3D Printer.

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hello, I am new to 3D printing and wanted to see what would be the best 3D printer that would be in reason to start with? Keep in mind, I would want to move to a larger/more advanced printer, once my skill set and knowledge grew. My budget for the printer, I was thinking about 800.00 to 1000.00. Any ideas and I LOVE Start Wars, so I would like to print the Falcon, Tie, and a Few other pieces, that are not super small.

Does a Heated Bed or one with a "magnetic" mat, make a difference?

I can strongly suggest you the Prusa MK3. I have two printers one Prusa Mk2S and now a Prusa Mk3, they are just great. I am printing and almost finished R2-D2 in 1:1 scale.

Maybe a Prusa i3 mk3 would be good for you. It's a great printer for the price but has its cons, ( like every printer ) but it's a good printer to learn from. If not then I suggest one of the Creality printers. They are cheaper but are also great for learning.

Thank you to EVERYONE, and I mean Everyone! Your Response's have kept me reading and learning alot. With all your knowledge, i would like to know if I want to print, say a Millennium Falcon, about 12inch across and up (pending the design), or maybe a Storm Trooper about 12 - 14inch tall, and both to be pretty detailed and smooth. Any thoughts on narrowing down the printer selections? if I need to increase my budget by a couple hundred, that is doable. Also, when it comes to the building material ( filament), what's considered great?

Hatchbox PLA is really good ~$25 bucks a spool

buy a cr-10s it has a 300x300x400 mm build volume. you could build both of those models in 2 pieces. i have 3 of these printers. building them was a breeze. it will fall way under your original budget of 800-1000. i mean even if u wanted to spend some of that extra cash on an EZABL you could do that and still be able to buy a bunch of filament. right now the printer is $539 on amazon w/ a free spool of gold PLA, you can get a plug and play EZABL for $65 and ur still under 800 with plenty of cash to spend on filament

It looks like you already have people saying which one is better, so I will just give my advice. Pick on out based on what you want to print. Some 3d printers have limitations on height and width. Also, decide if you want to print with a particular filament. Some filament is best used with an enclosure. Have fun printing.

I recommend either the Tevo Tornado/CR-10 or the CR 10S5. But if you are willing to wait about 2 weeks, Anycubic is releasing the Chiron, a $500 400x400x450 3d printer, which is seeming to look great. Considering buying one myself.

There are some really good options within your budget and some even lower then that. CR 10s (300x300x400mm build volume) is like $540. Check out this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XD7IZYcdw58&t=711s

you will only really need to watch the first half or so

My first printer was a Monoprice Select Mini v2 that I got for just over $200 on Amazon. I describe it to people like a classic car: I am constantly tinkering with it and replacing parts, but it is an absolute workhorse and I love it for small prints. If you want reliability look elsewhere, but if you are interested in 3d printing as a hobby and want a printer you can tear apart and mod guilt free I strongly recommend the Select Mini. It's way below your budget, but I have found it is a good printer to learn on until you are ready to graduate to something bigger.

For making detailed models I love my Anycubic Photon. It prints in UV resin, so it requires a lot of cleaning and careful handling, but you can use it to make tabletop quality models for games like X-Wing and Legion. I got it for around $600, plus another $50 for resin.

Tevo Tornado hands down...

for a good beginner printer i recommend the da vinci jr 1.0 pro. its the one that i have and it is great for beginners

I have a HICTOP prusa i3 3D printer. it is some where around $300-$400. hope this helps! also don't forget filament! around $20-$30

Yep definitely the Prusa is a great choice as well. Probably a better choice actually but smaller build volume and more $$$.

The Prusa i3 MK2s or MK3 are solid choices as well, though you cant go wrong with a Cr-10 as well.

CR-10S all the way. Get the 2018 model with newest board and your all set.

+1 for CR-10S - it comes nearly assembled and is larger bed then most.

Alternatively if you don't mind putting things together yourself, the Creatlity Ender 3 is great value at about $250. You can learn a lot about 3D printers if you do put one together yourself.