Star Wars Galaxies models

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Hello fellow Star wars fans, i really need some help here from those who have played SWG or play SWGEmu. it is my mission to make many models and props based off the game but iv been out of ideas for a while now. to those who don't know what SWG is, i would look it up.

If anyone have any favorite items from the game? i'd love to hear them and will try my best to make all the suggestions.

Lightsaber Crystals. I used to set them as light sources by putting a candle inside them. They look like they would be a good led desk lamp as I recall their shape. Holocrons are good and shapes are simple. I also think some of the kiosks would be cool. missions, bank, etc. Just some food for thought.

Get onto the facebook groups, you will find pretty much every model from the game has been exported and ready for printing.

I'm looking for SW rebels models, but cannot find at Legion scale, they will be great if you make them or just where can I find them to print

Nice!, didn't know that. still want to make a lot of them from scratch since the game is very low poly, but would be great for the armors and stuff since those have bitmaps usually. can you send a link? Thank you!