Star wars minitures for a baby mobile

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Hi Guys and gals obvs..

Can you help me out with a little project, my older bruv is just about to have his first son, big woop and he is a bit of a geek (love him) but I was wondering if anyone out there has ever put together a Start wars baby mobile? Or even just some minitures that I could print out and attach? Any idea would be awesomely welcome, maybe a death star as the top with spokes out to hold say x wing, falcon, etc etc..


Start wars baby mobile? I can drop box you 4 gig of star wars items to print if you want

Wow, that would be awesome... thanks!!!

Cute Spaceship
Thumbs up Yoda
by sjjehl
Cute Stormtrooper

Thanks! ill have a look..

How many days. I could possibly start working on it on December the 23. And probably get it done by January the 5th.

Due 11th Feb... Thanks!

OKay, i'll get it done by then.

Hi Darkknight24, how are you getting on? completely forgot about this until my bro asked me last night....

Oh, Shoot, I forgot all about this, Sorry about that, I was very focused on Finals and all and forgot about that, But i'll see if i can atleast make some star was toys for a spinning baby mobile.

I think finals are probably more important. Whatever you can, great, but don't panic mate. Hope the finals go well (or went well)

I think if you can do it in sections that would be great as I'm using an Ender 3 and cant make huge things. PLA im getting great results, ABS not as good, always warping at the bed.
Looks great tho!

Thanks for that, as soon as I finish printing off my last bit in ABS i'll switch to PLA and try printing this out, Its a bit of an odd shape, however I guess it had to be that way to balance the weights? I was kind of expecting an upside down spider with the bits hanging of the legs bit like this https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1767824. So this is quite cool.

I might end up doing a remix of the two, using the figures from you and the arms from the other and mash the two together somehow..

Baby Mobile
by EMR

Okay, So I'll make it so that the structural Portion of the Mobile is one piece, THe ships will be different pieces that you can print separately
You will just need to hot glue it together.

Here is what i have so far, Would you like me to make it as seperate parts that you glue togther or shall i make it one thing?

Awesome cheers! Best I buy some more pla (not orange) and hope my ender 3 doesn't give me a headache....

the thing you want to be careful of is make sure nothing has anything small that will break off and baby can get to

Extremely good point, things us non-kid people forget!!

most of the CHIBI style or FUNKO style figures should be good though like these https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2893608

Mini Chewbacca - Star Wars
by wekster